So lemme tell you, I love conversions. I pretty much play LatD just for the modeling. I'm an ok player and the urge to paint comes and goes, but if I got some bits and an idea I like to go to town.

So here's a few of my units:

Some FW guard, leman, and an Aspiring Champion


Asp Champ and Big Mutant

GS over a vanilla guardsman to make an Agitator

Mutant w/ flamethrower

Mutant w/ converted guard armor

Awhile ago I posted how I dropped my army off the top of a truck. It's pretty much all back together 'cept my heavy weapons teams.

And because I thought it was a cool picture

Comments and concerns welcome!

Next project: I made 2 molds out of GS with zombie heads to use as the skin stretched over my vanilla guardsmen's faces. It's something I've never tried before so I'll tell you how it goes.