well some people aren't creative here are some ideas for converting models for warhammer for uncreative people here:

Inquisitor(the game characters)

character:lord Inquisitor tyrus
heres the original

problem:too big for warhammer

solution: buy any basic space marine(preferably sgt. cortez) body mold sholder pads out of green stuff along with other inquisitorial equipment or heraldry put a right handed thunder claw but file off the skulls and place an inquisitorial smybol put a power swords blade off this for the left hand add a bolt pistol and the head find a head like tyruses or close as you can find add a bionic eye using green stuff

character:chaos inquisitor
original: http://store.us.games-workshop.com/store_i...aos_magus_c.jpg

problem:too big
solution: emperors children aspiring champion body add basic outside helmet head from khorne box find a bionic arm either from a chaos warsmith or a new tactical squad box for the iron fists I finkthen use blade of adbaddons sword on right hand in left bolt pistol but for accuraccy of a model add cyphers


character:the lion

problem never released
solution:buy azrial file watcher for the lion helm put on azrael however you want put in power sword hand cyphers sword


problem:no model oh yeah and he's dead

origanal: based on model in the librarium online gallery

solution: use dark angels veteran body or mephestos add a greater daemon of tzeeches wings file off head add hand with power sword and plasma pistol if making it out of the dark angels vet. add heraldry

gah tired more soon...