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    XV-25 Farsight Variant

    Hello all, mpdscott here again using up bitz and pieces from boxes that have been strewn all over the room for a long time.

    This time it's only a simple little conversion, but it comes with a whole new concept in Stealth Suit use.
    This is only a very basic concept, I don't play tau, and I don't know how they best work. But still, I wanted to convert something, and this was sitting in a box doing nothing.
    I can understand the idea behind the XV-25's weapon systems, the massed firepower of the burst cannons with or without the tank killing ability of the fusion blaster, but I felt there was something missing from the selection.
    Farsight enclaves have a definate preference for getting up close and personal against orks, which is fair enough, but their (0-1) stealth suits lack the brutal close quarters punch that they deserve. This is to remedy the situation.

    You might be able to recognise the weapon system that I've added (although I did scratchbuild most of it, you wouldn't have to). Yes it's a flamer, and it's just what the ork mob asked for, or rather, what they didn't ask for.

    But that's not all, Farsight has witnessed the power weapons of the humans and decided to see if he can duplicate them or their effects.
    The left arm of the suit has been fitted with an experimental Ultra-High Frequency Vibrating Combat Blade or UFCB (or something) but since it's still experimental, it's not really working as well as the scientists would like. As a result, it occasionally works as a powerblade, but not always, infact, fairly infrequently. In game terms, the UFCB counts as a Rending weapon in close combat.
    I know, a flamer and a rending ccw makes for a rather nasty combination, but with limited numbers, it'd not going to last long if you don't take care of them.

    So, what do you think? Am I just being conversion crazy or is it viable?

    Mysterious Member of the ANZAC Clan

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    Farsight enclaves are distant and seperated from mainstream Tau society. I would assume that Farsight lacks the research and development capabilities to make anything new at all. If he could, he'd probably build a few more Railheads. Maybe he thought to pull them off dead Marines and have them retrofitted? Aside from the fluff, I'm not too in love with the idea, even though it looks awesome. Why spend points for something so ineffective? You'd be better off just buying wargear and leaving dedicated hand-to-hand behind. I do like the idea of a cheap flamer unit, though. Something for swarm opponents or cool fluff armies. Slightly more cheaper than burst cannons, econo-stealths. :yes:

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