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    Help with Paint Scheme (Chaos Marines)

    Heyo, I started painting a 1500 pt. Chaos Army a little while ago with my home-made Silly Colour Scheme of Justice and I was wondering if you all could help me adapt what I have so far onto my Raptors and Bikes. The general colours of the Army are Lightning Blue and Tentacle Pink with Boltgun Metal. Also, before you make awesome suggestions, I'm not an amazing painting in any sense. I can post pictures later if anyone needs it.

    So far what I have is:

    Universal stuff:
    All models are obviously sprayed Chaos Black :heh: I am lazy
    "Decorative" skulls are undercoated Regal Blue and highlighted Lightning Blue
    Arrows are undercoated Liche Purple and overcoated Tentacle Pink (I didn't erally think getting Warlock Purple for a second udercoat was worth it, and it's really just another opportnity for me to screw up the tecture of the model.
    "Borders" (like the edges of shoulder pads, the edges of the bottom leg portion, and parts of the torso) are painted Boltgun Metal.
    Hair & Horns are undercoated Regal Blue and heavily washed with Lightning Blue (to make a sort of Baby Blue heh)
    Heads with no Pink already painted on (i.e. the boring heads and flesh heads) are split half Black and half Pink down as close to the center as I could muster.

    Squad-Based stuff:
    Regular CSM Troops: on the inner portions of the lower leg (the part that's outlined in silver) I undercoat Regal Blue and overcoat Lightning Blue.
    Havocs: One lower-leg portion is painted as above, and the other the trim is undercoated Regal and overcoated Lightning (instead of Boltgun)

    My thoughts for Raptors:
    "Maybe one Pink leg and one Blue, or two Pink legs, or maybe one Pink and one Black. Or maybe one Blue leg and mess around with the shoulder pads a bit."

    My thoughts for Bikes:
    "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah so many surfaces to cover."

    Some SMurf/Blood Angel style "paint the whole head a different colour" might work too, like making the Raptors have Lightning Blue heads or something.

    Seeing as no one's replied yet, I thought I'd add the part I forgot the first time through instead of making a new thread: Traitor Space Wolves. First of all, does this make sense according to fluff? I am by no means a Fluffmaster of any sort, I know that most of the Angels Chatpers and the Templar & Knights have very few if any traitors at all, and the Space Wolves seem like they might eb similar but my friend who knows a thing or two about the fluff said that it sort of made sense.
    That said, they're just normal Space Wolf Grey Hunters modeled with Bolters. What I've decided I want to do so far is just leave the shoulder pads as GW Grey Hunter colours (i.e. one yellow one split black/red) with Space Wolf-ish trim. What I don't know is what I should do with the rest of the model, as my paint scheme doesn't really go well with those shoulder pads. I was thinking maybe just the Boltgun Metal portions like I have on the other models, but maybe somethign more elaborate would be more fun, so please leave any suggestions no matter how seemingly silly.
    *end edit*

    Any help would be greatly appreciated Also, I paint very slowly (not to say that it makes me any better) and still haven't really "finished" any of my models, the closest one to completion is still missing some silver portions. This just means if you ask me to test something and post it, it might take me a few days (see also: years, heh) And finally if you need pictures to give me advise please just leave a reply telling me to post pictures. Thanks in advance

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    Well I am not sure what you have and exactly what you want. To improve or finish these models I suggest that you use black. Black is an easy colour to paint, it needs no shading. It is fairly easy to highlight use a very small amount of grey and draw the flat of the brush over the edge of a black area. Black also has the advantage that it goes with everything.

    I think that showing us some pictures of these models and what you do or don't like about them would make giving you some help much easier, as we cannot see howq far you are and what more could be done.

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