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    How soft is your greenstuff?

    I've been experimenting with greenstuff lately, but it seems to be way harder (consistencywise) than I thought it would be. I was expecting something like bubblegum but it is acting more like hot tar.

    Is maybe my greenstuff stale or something? Can you soften it?

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    If you feel uncomorftable with it's present consistency try to add some more of the yellow to it.
    But it really does not need to be very soft. If you have a lot of GS to move around while sculpting chances are you are using to much at a time.
    It is very important not to use even half as much as you think you'll need- the ammount for each thing you do is so rediciously small and it's apaint o try to remove it once it's on the model. Better to add more once you're done. Do half the thing today and the other half tomorrow.

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    Yes depending on the task, think about using layers of Greenstuff. For example, I have been sculpting Ogre Butchers recently. So I have used the first 'blob' of Greenstuff for his legs and part of his torso - to get the basic posture of the legs. Once that had hardened, the next blob of Greenstuff went on providing some surface details of his boots and leggings. Again, once hard, the third was bulking up the torso, doing the neck and some 'flab' features. And so on... Part of the problem is not having TOO much of the models finely worked surface soft vulnerable to knocks from a modelling tool.

    Anyway, there are also a few things you can do to 'soften' Greenstuff while working it. One is to physically warm it, under a lampbulb. However, this shortens its 'workable' time. Another is to have more of the Yellow component in any mix. You could TRY adding a little hot water.

    Another fairly good thing to do, if you are doing very fine sculpting, is to cut away the bit of the Greenstuff strip where the blue and yellow meet. This will already have begun to set, and may produce grains or at least not be the same texture as the rest of the 'blob'.

    Hope this helps,


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