Someone was asking for help in another forum and so I figured that I'd post it in here too for anyone having difficulties. So heres a quick cheater method for taking pics if youre having difficulties with getting your whole mini in focus in macro or overcoming problems with your flash washing out the mini when your trying to take close shots.......

Yup it looks like you have an aperature setting prob as only a very small portion is in focus. Depending on your camera, you may not have the ability to do much manually. Here is something you can try:

The other option works well if your camera takes large MP shots. 3 MP or less and it wont work so well. Skip the macro setting, stand 6ft away, with your flash on and take your pic using an optical zoom to about 3X. Once you crop the image it is large enough to show detail.

heres an example of what I mean

try that and see what you think