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    Painting Forum Guide & Useful Threads

    This thread is being created as an index to the forum: a guide to what is expected and allowed here. In addition I will add threads to a list at the bottom. Only threads that are good and have some use overall with the community will be added.


    Welcome to the LO painting forum. You are welcome to post your painted or WIP miniatures from any range here, if it is a blog (a continuous piece of work that you continually update) then it belongs >HERE< When posting your threads, please:

    * Before posting, please do a search. Many topics come up often and you are more likely to find your answers in previous threads.

    * Make sure your thread title is clear and makes sense for what you are looking for

    * Write in English. Even if it is not your first language, try. No "leet" is allowed

    * When commenting on some ones work, do not just leave a single message such as "Nice", try to make some form of constructive criticism.

    * Pictures included in the thread may have a maximum size of 600 - 700 pixels wide. Any wider and they will be reduced to links.

    Threads of Note:
    Most of these can be found in the Completed Tutorials Forum

    Pics of the Day Index

    Painting Imperial Guard by Undeadair

    Index of Grand Tournament Armies by HeZu (Index of Grand Tournament Armies)

    Miniature Photography by minus_t

    Stripping Miniatures (Stripping)

    Dipping Miniatures (Dipping)

    Photoshopping pictures (Effective Photoshopping pictures..)

    Links to painting sites (Helpful threads and links)

    Drybrushing with ability by The Paint Monkey

    Painting White Armour, by minus_t

    minus_t's beginners guide to painting (minus_t's guide to: getting started)

    Tarok's links to photographing minis (DIY Photographic Light Tent)

    Slorak's guide to applying Decals

    Tekore's A Simple Guide to Stripping Paint

    aeroplane's "A Quick Guide to 'Dipping' Tyranids (and more!)"


    If you think a thread deserves to be placed in this list then PM a link and I shall see if it is worthy of being placed here.


    As a side note: There are multiple threads that are pinned. Most will be unpinned, those that will remain are: this thread, the contest thread and the Hall of honour for the contest. The rest can be found via the links found with this thread.

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    Painting Videos--My Warriors of Chaos--WHFB Tactica Index

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    Just so everyone knows, good quality and popular tutorial threads from Painting and Modelling will be moved to the Completed Tutorials forum, as well as being linked to here.

    minus_t's painting log! Now with: More Wolves and Blue Robots!
    Last updated 09/01/11

    "Never before has another man made me want to go out and buy vasaline"~The Paint Monkey

    "All I can remeber is Hazard stripes and -T's dusty brushes. ~danjones87

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