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    Radical =][= Idea

    So I'm thinking about making a radical inquisitor along with a couple of different armies for him to roll with. One being the Relictors but for the other army I'm thinking about converting up the whole army from skaven night runners and plague monks. Personally, I think that this would not only be rather unique but also a visual treat if I were to do it right. Because a radical inquisitor is bound to lead an army of freaks at some point right?

    Plague monks: Games Workshop Online Store - Skaven Plague Monks (20 Figures)
    Night runners:
    Games Workshop Online Store - Skaven Night Runners (20 figures)

    I chose these two units as they have a fair few heads covered up with hoods and a very dark, skeegy look about them. I'll have to learn how to GS some hoods onto those without, but ultimately I want an army of mysterious "ratlike" creatures, not straight out sewer dwellers.

    What do you guys think of this idea, rubbish or does it have potential? Because while I think I'm onto a winner here, I don't want to just stick some skaven onto round bases. Obviously, I'll be chucking the odd bit of 40k iconography on them and giving them some ranged weaponry. But I could use a little help with ideas here.

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    wow, a radical 40k inquistior list, using converted plague monks and the like as the inquisitorial storm troopers? and giving them associated guns and whatnot is a HUGE undertaking, but i would much like to also say, WOW! sweet idea! lol im serious here! sounds like a kickin idea to me.... a few points to remember:

    each one has a hellgun and targeter and carapace armour... that is a lot of converting from skaven to that.

    i assumed that your rats would be representing the inquisitorial storm troopers.

    if you can get the base converting down pat, like how you are going to make the hellgun with targeter and give each carapace armour, then this is a very viable conversion...

    things to note:
    you can cheap out in some areas... if you have ever looked at the bretonian barded warhorses in great detail, you will notice that gamesworkshop made them all look like they have cloths instead of armour, but upon closer inspection, you see some edges where some chainmail spills out, you can take this idea into affect, and make your inquisitorial storm trooper skavens with cloaks and here and there have rips in the cloaks, exposing the underlying chainmail (counts as carapace armour) and have the chainmail also spilling out from beneith the cloaks.

    i think this is a RAD idea (no pun intended!) and i would be super excited to see this conversion finished and all the likes together...

    umm, so yah....

    cadian lasgun arms (with heavy conversion, like find something that looks cool to put on the end, or give it an extra barrel or somthing that shows it is a hellgun and not a lasgun...)
    Bolter Scope / Sight (as the targeter)
    with the Catachan Vox / Demo Charge Bits (as backpacks, or space marine backpacks)
    maybe even throw on some space marine shoulder pads and instead of a full cloak, make a cape with a hood sorta thing....

    just some ideas... to find the items i talk of in bulk supply and cheap, goto:

    Bwbits.com Welcome to Battlewagon Bits ... that site owns.... at least, it has helped me out for a while.

    if you do this, PLEASE keep me up to speed with details.

    ps.. as for greenstuffing ideas and help, if you go to your local craft store, you can pick up a cool putty or clay craft kit for like 10-20bucks, make sure they have metal ends as that is better then wood ends i have found....

    also, go to the GW site and to the hobby section and they have lots of tutorials to help you get going with working with greenstuff, it is actually pretty easy once you get the hang of it.

    anyways, good luck bud.

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