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    Fixing a Cadian arm

    Hey guys,

    kind of an urgent question:
    How can I fix a Cadian arm when I cut away the armoured shoulderpad?
    I mean, I know I can do it with GS, but what works best?
    A batch of flattened and cured GS, or maybe GS directly applied as a blob then smoothed out? Or perhaps something else?

    Anybody that can help me with sensible advice gets repped!

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    I'm not sure what you're after to do, replace the shoulderpad with a new one or give him a new un-padded shoulder. Not that it's really relevant, but still out of curiosity I'd like to know
    A batch of flattened and cured GS, or maybe GS directly applied as a blob then smoothed out?
    The first option seems a bit strange to me I must admit. Using cured GS? Then you could use whatever really, a piece of plastic or I don't know...
    You should go for the second option. Pin the arm where it should be, use a pin vice and a paper clip, then start adding GS, a little at a time.
    It is very hard in the beginning to understand just how small an amount one should use, so take less like five times or so. Sounds strange?
    Well, take what you think you should need, the take away half and repeat this a few times. It is far easier to add more GS after a while then to start getting rid of excessive stuff.
    Then when you have enough (but not more then enough I repeat) let it cure for just a little while 10 or so minutes then use your sculpting tool to make it smooth. Once you've smoothened it, let it rest. If you want more details on it it should be left to cure for 24 hours before the next thing is added.
    If this sounds like rambling from a madman, post a pic of your problem and I'll try to take you through it step by step.

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