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Thread: Sentinel

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    *Please view at max size. If you like it, please vote for me in the Machines of War competition! Thanks!! Thoughts and criticisms eagerly accepted. TwoHats*

    The stale taste of the cigar did nothing to comfort him on the perilous trip up the mountainside. P. Bear, last of the 100th Acrewood Scout Platoon, moved the legs of the Sentinel deftly up the rocky landscape, towards his objective. At the top of the hill, he would be able to confirm reports of a gathering Chaos Cult in the valley on the other side. Mission before all, he thought..

    But the Imperial Credo did nothing to sober his conscience. He had lost friends, close friends, in this campaign. He was a silly, old, Winnie the Pooh, after all. How much longer he could live this kind of lifestyle remained to be seen. It had already claimed his two best friends: Peter "Rabbit" Ross, and a runt of a soldier the platoon simply called, "Piglet". His eyes swelled a little as he recounted the sacrifice little Piglet had made in the battle against the 23rd Woozle Division, who turned traitor in the midst of a celebration march for the previous victory against the Orks. With beady little eyes, and preposterous skin, they had unveiled their allegiance to their true masters, the Chaos Gods.

    'No time for that right now', Bear thought to himself. As he made the last leg of the climb, Commissar Kristoff Robinnes' voice crackled over the vox. "Captain Bear, have you reached the objective? What can you see?"

    His only response was two words. Spoken with the grizzled, hoarse voice of a man whose only purpose is the death of his enemy, these words chilled Kristoff Robinnes to the bone.

    "Oh, Bother..."


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    Actually I love the base and the beach effect you have on it and the actual painting on the sentinel but I don't like the model inside the sentinel... I believe he needs some fixing!
    Thanks to all the people showing faith in me

    I sometimes feel that everyone will leave me and they will be on their own...

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