i started a new army of Vampire counts recently, and my freind gave me all his old models. i have started to repaint the models that he gave me(considering he painted them when he was like... 12). there are alot of them and its going to be a long haul from here on.

now, it being undead, i wanted the army to have a very black theme (how origional). what worked well was that my freind bassed all the models with green "grass". when i spray painted the models black, the "grass" went black too, so it looks like they are walking on dead land..

i started off with a fell bat. i dont know why, i didn't even have a full unit yet, but i wanted to paint it. so i spray painted everything black, this is ontop of the paint coat they had from there previous owners. i drybrushed the bats fur with scortched brown... this was good, but i could barely see it, from a distance it looks just all black still. so i decided to just paint the fur the color and not worry about the drybrushed affect on it. next was his wing skin... now i mixed bestial brown with bleached bone, then added a bit of chaos black, so it turned into this skin like grey.i put that on, and it looked lame SO i decided that it needed a bit of the old black ink, it turned out really well, giveing it this dark rotting membrane look. it worked well. now to the bone holding the wing up. i wanted to make it stand out from the greyish black membrane, so i used a similar mix, but instead of chaos black, i added a tiny bit of blood red. it turned into a color that looked like dwarf flesh. i put that on and inked it black and all was well. i also used this mix to paint the insides of his ears and his nose. which were also inked. his teeth and claws were painted bleached bone and were also inked. as were his eyes, which were blood red. i like the way he turned out, much better then i thought. (i'm actually proud of it) it was great considering i hadn't painted for like, a year.

i also tryed to paint my banshee. this was weird, i wanted to do everything ghost like. some people do it better ways, but i only had so many paints to work with. i had two choices. either make it look green like the ghosts in lord of the rings (u know, "the way is shut") or blue like your average etheral model. because i think green would be a bit to bright in my army of darkness (how dramatic...) i went for the blue.

i had NO idea how to go about this. i started by painting it completely bleached bone. and then inking it blue. but the blue was to dark and not ghostly enough, so i painted bleached bone over that, before the ink dried, so it was this bluey white. and then when that dried gave it a light inking with a mix of both blue and black. (2 parts blue, 1 part black) and it has turned out ok

and i would tell you about the skeletons, but its fairly simple... drybrushed bleached bone and scortched brown wood on the sheilds and the the poles on the spears, the rim of sheilds and icons and spear heads are chainmail.... how exiteing.

and thats all i have painted in the army, i shall eventually post pics int he showcase and talk more about painting when i do other models... only 43 or so to go...