Hey everyone , I got an idea after reading part of the ba dex ( going to read the rest tomorrow ) . After looknig at corobulo and discussing with a few friends of mine . I've decided to do a gagster-ish themed SM army . Corubulo = lil jon ? =P . I was inspired by this idea after living in a suburb in toronto called malvern , the cup/grail/chalice thing , and watching BET late at night , lol . So what my question is , in my head blood angels are pretty violent and like getting into fights , and have special ability's to mkae them more thirsty for blood , what im asking is what scheme should i do ? I want it to be some sort of succesor to BA , but still viable to have a gangster-ish theme to it . I know that GS-ing and adding other parts to it ( maybe bandanas , pistols hidden in their belt or soemthing , hoods ? ) are other factors to the project , whihc will happen after i find out a scheme .

So help ?