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    Searching for a color scheme


    Sorry to harass the forums with yet ANOTHER post on my upcoming DIY marine chapter color scheme, but I was going to base it on a pre-heresy-looking marine I saw painted up in a recent WD. They used Space Wolves Gray as a base, then did a layer of either Skull White or Skull White/SW gray (it's not clear from their "helpful" diagram), then highlighted with Skull White. Shoulder pads were based in regal blue then highlighted with Ultramarines. Looked good, and I was all set to try it, substituting Shadow Gray for SW gray, until I got a closer look and realized this is the pre-heresy World Eaters scheme! :realmad:

    So now I'm not sure WHAT to do! I know, I know, there is no such thing as a REALLY unique color scheme out there, but I'm not sure I can do this one. Trouble is, I like the way it looks, reminds me of a blue-based version of, say, the "desert"-style Deathwing terminators, which would fit my fluff perfectly, as they can't use "desert"-inspired colors (you'd have to read it to understand. It's in my blog). Course, I don't want people looking at it and going "Oh, World Eaters, huh?"

    Argh! ( :realmad: Can anyone suggest a "light" color that is blue-based that I could try to use over Shadow Gray INSTEAD of white? Maybe Ice Blue, but I'm afraid that might be a little too "flashy." Any other thoughts? I really like the bluish look, and I like the idea of having a lighter color with Shadow Gray in the recesses. I promise this will be the last "theory" thread on this, and the next time I start a new post on this chapter, it will be with test model photos.

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    I will suggest this, your friends won't know what a pre heresy world eater looks like, most people don't, they just don't associate the icy blue colour with red gory world eaters, so really you're in the clear, in my point of view anyway.

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