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    Biker Warboss 2: The Bikening

    So, I tried this once about a year ago with limited success, as somebody stole my first bike that I was working on, and the second one was built to a tremendously wrong scale.

    The biggest problem always encountered with a rider, particularly a warboss rider, is the pose. Some folks have proven ingenious with their sculpting knack when it comes to making new legs for the standard warboss so that he can ride some sort of vehicle, but I've never been one for greenstuff.

    Instead, a few releases (fantasy, no less!) recently have come together to help rekindle the idea of a biker boss in my head. In particular, I mean our new plastic black orks and the Gorbad Ironclaw model.

    The Ironclaw model in itself is wonderful - having a warboss torso that is separate from the lower body is a godsend. Granted, he's not quite a proper boss size - more like a nob - but such things are really secondary, as he looks mean enough to be an appropriate leader.

    Also, he happens to have fairly close to my wargear of choice - 'eavy armor, power klaw and choppa - which is handy.

    First I test-fitted an ogryn's lower body onto him. The legs are pretty large, and they have some orky traits, but I think there's a few problems with them - particularly, the waistline and the asymmetry in the pose.

    While not an awful choice, it made his midsection unnecessarily long, and I'm not quite sure it's the best plan.

    Which brings me to the second bit of fantasy model I mentioned. The new Black Orcs were a purchase I've been putting off for a while, but I had a bit of luck - my local gaming store has been heavily discounting the old metal ones to get rid of them in favor of the new plastics, but they seem to have mixed up the price tags or something, as I ended up getting the box of 10 for roughly half the cost of retail. Having brought it home, I cracked it open, and immediately the gears started to turn.

    You see, the legs on the Black orks are separate, and as such, posable. And they happen to match Gorbad - not quite in size, but certainly in motif.

    And, well, I think it needs to be done now. The biggest obstacle for doing this sort of thing has always been the rider, but I practically have all the parts I need right there!

    I think were I to do this, I'd need to try and lengthen the thighs a bit and sculpt in the area between his legs, though I could do a pretty awful job of this and not many would see if I were clever enough to build the bike to hide it. His big iron hand is in a pretty suitable pose for holding long handlebars, as well.

    Obviously, there's some 40k-ification to be done in order to bring him up to speed, but the sheer size of that iron hand of his should leave no doubts that it's intended as a power klaw when its got cabling running out from it. Likewise, that axe could use a bit of chainsawing action. My biggest concern is that the legs are too small to be considered useful, but I think it might juuust be passable.

    Here's what I'm thinking the legs might look like when sculpted:

    For the sake of it, I test fit the black ork legs on the boss onto a garbage warbike I had handy. This has so far helped convince me that those blork legs are a good choice, as once he's on the bike they become much less important, but they fit the seat well. His general posture seems to be right, though.

    Whenever I get to making this bike, I'll probably bash something together from a mix of ork and beakie bike parts. I was never too fond of that back trakk design.

    Or, I might scratchbuild something if I get particularly inspired.

    What do you guys think? Those plastic legs too weedy?

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    When you look at 40k Orks the focus is obviously on the upper body anyway, so for builtd type that's about as close as you can expect I'd think. I think the weedy comes from them being shorter than they apparently should, when you look at the torso to compre.

    Looks kind of dwarfish(not reffering to warhammer dwarves) but maybe that's why he rides a bike? Low self esteem perhaps about his misproporioned legs.
    "Ask not the Eldar a question, for they will give you three answers, all of which are true and terrifying to know."

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    Dear All Concerned,

    Well, hello jamsessionein. I do not believe we have ever met. I am YTHC and I am a big fan of your work, the ork warboss, amoung other things!

    Now, I have only been playing for four years, and I am not the best player at this forum, but I do believe I can help you.

    Now, here is my idea:

    1.Take the ork warboss you have now and do some ok green stuff work on him, it does not have to be perfect, it just has to fill in the butt area.
    2.Go to your local store and pick up this:

    Total Cost:$25.00

    The Space Marine Attack Bike. Now, although this may cost you a little bit it will be worth it.

    3.You seem like a hard core gamer, so heres what else oyu should pick up one of these:
    I would suggest these few for this particular conversion, they are listed in the order I would like, starting with the best and ending with the worst, but it is your model:
    Gretchin With Screwdriver
    Ork Gretchin Assistant 3
    Gretchin with Wrench
    Ork Gretchin Assistant 1
    Gretchin with Toolbox
    Banna Waver
    Gretchin with Oil Squig
    Gretchin With Hammer

    Any one that you pick will cost you about $2.50 no matter which one you get.

    Total Cost:$27.00

    4.Now pick up these (or use the ones you got lying around):

    That will cost you about $5.00

    Total Cost:$32.00 + shipping and handling and tax

    5.Now here is where the conversiion begins. Assemble the attack bike and side car leaving off the bolters attached to the front of the bike. Also leave off the bolter on the side car. Take the shootas and attach two to the front of the bike. Add as many orky bits as you would like too. Now, take the grot you picked up and look at the side car seat. Now, if the seat is perfect size, fine, but if not, start layering plasticard on top of it very badly and tie it all together with a cord or an orthadontist rubber band (if you ask any gamer between the age of 12 and 16, and they havebraces, they will most likely have some). Now, the grot can sit on top of the plasticard. YOu can make him waving a flag, fixing the bike or whatever.

    6.You can also take a lego wheel or something of the sort and attach it instead of the back wheel. This will raise the back and make it look a bit more looted.

    I really hoped this helped even a little bit, and I am sorry that I do not have more experiance with the models I am recommending.

    If you have any questions or need some inspiration please feel free to PM me.

    Fluff Master

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    O jaime, are you starting a new model once again? :sleep:

    you should probably focus on all thoe other projects you have in the works especially finish that squiggoth with musical metal rock inner speakers ><

    Other than that awesome work.

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