A request to those of you out there with skill in painting bicolor marines (IE: one color on one side, another on the other).

I used a land speeder as my practice and found it took the time it usually takes me to do a complete vehicle, just to get the chassis and occupants properly colored (and unhighlighted) in the green-bone white color scheme of this particualr marine chapter.

I used thin, nearly watery mixes of khemri brown and orkhide shade as bases over the black base coat and put thinned layers (about 6-10 each) of bone white and snot green over that.

While I think its passable, it was time consuming as all get out and thin contract places on the model coupled with the thinned down paint mix resulted in me waging a war to keep the colors on their respective sides. Planned highlights with skull white for the bone side and I'm still pondering the proper highlight for the green.

Does anyone have advice? Specific advice for the chapter would be appreciated from other players. But all advice is appreciated.

The color scheme incidentally can be found at (with forgiveness requested for exterior links) http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Angels_of_Redemption