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Thread: 1250pt list

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    1250pt list

    Alright, this list won't be ready until Fall at least, just because the Penitent Engine still isn't put together, the Exorcist is 50% together but its got no treads. The Rhino is almost done, the ISTs and Inquisitor and Assassin are done, I don't have most of the GKs at this moment, but I'll have them soon enough.

    I hope I added up the points correctly, LOL.

    Alright to the list:

    Inquisitor Lord: 132
    ccw & force weapon


    BC w/4 GKTs: 245

    Priest: 40

    Eversor: 95

    ISTs 6: 75
    flamer, grenade launcher

    ISTs 6: 138
    plasma gun, meltagun
    Rhino: extra armour, smoke launchers

    GKs 5: 150

    GKs 5: 160

    Penitent Engine: 80

    Exorcist: 135

    Legion Of Everblight: Abyslonia
    Protectorate of Menoth: Grand Exemplar Kreoss

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    Personally I've never really liked the force weapon, mainly because of the low strength of the Inquisitor in comparision to that of the Space Marine Librarian. I would opt for the simple Power weapon, pistol and the Scourging psychic power. It's cheaper and a litte more multipurpose, but even so it offers superior shooting to that of the a pistol before heading into combat, though the pistol is useful for additional attacks. If you have points spare, the Inquisitor Lords high leadership lends itself to the Psychic Hood should you want a relatively balanced army, but this is just a suggestion.

    As for the retinue, there are many effective ones out there and you'll probably find people not liking your set-up for effeciency and advising you to go certain routes. These tend to be correct to a certain degree but I personally think the Retinue adds theme to the army and would ignor such comments, unless looking for a more competetive list. Saying so though, I recommend maybe one or two more warriors to give more omph to the squad, maybe some shooting to deal with tanks/ elite infantry with meltaguns and plasmaguns or perhaps more crusaders for combat.

    Grey Knight Terminators:

    Not much to say here as the options are quite limited anyway. Looks good lol.


    hmm who are you planning on adding this guy too out of interest? I personally recommend the on foot Storm Trooper unit, mainly because they are less hindered by the limited shooting aspect with their longer ranged weapons.



    Truely a terror for his points but I recommend a Callidus assasin over this guy mainly for her unrestricted deployment when she comes in. With all the deep striking potential you have with the Grey Knights she would make an excellent supporter over the Eversor. The only problem I see with him in general though is that you infiltrate him but because your army isn't exactly built for speed he'll find himself alone for a good majority of the game and probably easier prey for the opponent.


    Storm Troopers:

    Not the strongest core choice I've seen but that does matter. For your first squad I recommend removing the flamer in preference for another grenade launcher. On top of this add a Veteran armed with a storm bolter, the end effect is though this squad is on foot they'll have the advantage of being able to move and shoot 24" away, ideal for supporting your Grey Knights and a good squad to add the preist to as they won't be hindered much by the limited shooting. Keep note that the storm bolter and grenade launchers are assault weapons, meaing even with the priest with them you are still able to shoot then assault unlike with sisters and their rapid firing bolters.

    Your second squad is quite nice, although quite multipurposeful consider having two plasmaguns instead, although it hinders your anti-tank ability they can still destory up to armour 13 vehicles, the main advanatge is that they are able to deal with elite infantry on a much surer level than Grey Knights. On top of this you can add a Veteran with a plasma pistol to increase the amount of shots. Your Rhino will lend to this type of role with the bolstered speed.

    Grey Knights:

    I recommend moving one of these to the fast attack slot to gain the deep striking ability instead of having to deploy on foot.

    The disadvanatge of Grey Knights is that they are horrendously expensive to purchase, with two squads and a terminator unit the rest of your army has suffered considerably and has become just as small as a Daemon Hunter army. I personally recommend you drop one of these squads to bolster the strength of your cheaper squads, these will give you a much more reliable army core.


    Penitant Engine:

    This is ok but with only a single Engine present you'll definately find it being destroyed in a good 90% of your games due to it's weak armour. I recommend bolstering it to a squadron of 2 in 1000pts games and up to a squadron of 3 for 1500pts+.


    Good here, consider the Extra armour upgrade to get it away from trouble instead of staying there for another salvo when trouble arises.

    General Summary:

    The army is quite small in general and will probably suffer greatly from any casulties taken. Although there is a Witch Hunter base list I think you've concentrated too much on the Grey Knights side with the Terminators eating a good chunk of your resources. I also think it's a little on the slow side with only a Rhino moving more than 6". But with Grey Knights you can deep strike which adds unpredicability to your army, I recommend you try to focus on this. Also as you wait for the deep strikers your army becomes very small, could lead to disaster without a stronger core to keep the opponent occuppide.

    For this size points I don't think the Terminators are nessicary, instead consider removing them entirely to bolster your grey knight squads to 8 man and your storm troopers to 8-10 man with the upgrades I've mentioned. With the points remaining you can purchase more Penitant engines for more survivability. If there are any points left at this stage consider bolstering your Inquisitor Lord a bit more. With these changes you should fine a much more reliable core list.

    In the advancement to 1500pts, the games become big enough to accomidate Terminators with out eating up too many points, at this stage consider replacing a squad of regular Grey Knights with Terminators instead. You can then add some much needed fast moving elements like Seraphim to back up the army.
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