Crimson Tears (BA Successor) 2k points - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Crimson Tears (BA Successor) 2k points

    Mephiston 225
    Honor Guard: Tech Adept, Sanguinary Preist, Company champion, flamer x2 235
    Jump Chaplain 120
    Death Company x5 w/ Jump Packs 25
    Terminator squad w/ lightning claws and drop pod 250
    Baal Predator: Heavy bolter Side sponsons 125
    Baal Predator: Heavy Bolter side sponsons 125
    Tactical Squad x10: Power Weapon x1, Meltagun x1, Lascannon x1 235
    Tactical Squad x10: Chain Sword x1, Meltagun x1, Lascannon x1 220
    Scouts x10: Power fist x1, missle launcher x1, sniper riffles x2, chain sword x4 200
    Furioso Dreadnought: Heavy Flamer, drop pod 155
    Whirlwind 85

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