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    IG allies 1500 - Death Korps of Kreig

    Hi, heres a link to my DH/IG force: http://www.librarium-online.com/foru...tml#post979003


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    Quote Originally Posted by Giant Mutant Chaos Lord View Post

    HQ = 195
    Grand Master
    Psycannon, Icon of the Just

    HQ = 180
    Heroic Senior Officer
    Heavy Support Crew, 3 Lascannons

    Troops = 160
    Junior Officer
    Infantry Squad
    Infantry Squad

    Troops = 160
    Junior Officer
    Infantry Squad
    Infantry Squad

    Troops = 175
    Grey Knights
    Justicar, Terminator Armor

    Elites 70
    Term Armour, Icon of the Just

    Elites = 110
    Vindicare Assasain

    Elites = 394
    9 Grey Terminators
    Brother Captain, Icon of the Just

    Fast attack 55
    Rough Rider Squadron
    Hunting lances


    this goes out to all the lazy people that dont want to click a link! lulz

    you cant give grey knight justicars terminator armour, and even if you could, why would you want to?

    your inquisitor is kinda useless, he has no weapons.

    rough rider squad is way too small.

    the grandmaster should have a retinue of the terminators, you dont need that BC.

    furthermore, you need more guys. the squad of 6 dudes and the one with terminator armour is just not good for grey knights, it will get stompt.

    i find it difficult that you dont have any heavy weapon choices inside of your platoons for the guard. maybe you just got lazy and didnt type it?

    either way, i think this is a bad list. it has no specific flow in my mind, too many icon of the justs, you have models that will accomplish nothing in the grand scheme of things, and your whole team at this points level will get ownd very fast by both melee and shooty armys..

    im not trying to be a jerk. but i am just explaining to you what i think about the list.

    hopfully you update it a bit, and make it an uber list that it has the potential to be!

    remember this, when allied with guard, grey knights become the new counter charge unit. thus having the rough riders isn't always needed. but hey, rough riders are too cool for school, so id use em!
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    Techniquely, wouldn't you be able to take Termie armour? It wouldn't be wise, but I think you can. Unless it's too many points. Then you can't.

    The list- Add weapons to the guard units, inquisitor, take more GK, drop the IG HQ, use the GKT as a retinue.


    I'm back.

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