Alright, I know i've put a few lists out, and i've been trying out a bunch of assualt troops for an amry and i'm seeing a lack of effectivness due to lack of support, so i've decided to go a different route. This is still a very assualt oriented list, Other then the dreadnought (who i would like to find the points for a drop pod) everything is pretty much to get up in my opponents face quick and hard. tell me if you see any problems.

Chaplain Lamartes - 125
(Leading death company)

Death Company - 5 free, +5, JPs - 200

Assualt Squad - +5, power fist, plasma pistol - 290
Tactical Squad - +5, power weapon, las cannon - 225

Veteran Assualt Squad - +5, x2 power fists, power weapon, flamer - 345
Furioso Dreadnought - vernable, extra armor, flamer - 140
Terminators - x2 chainfists, assualt cannon - 240

Devestator Squad - missle launcher, las cannon - 170
Land Raider - extra armor - 265

Total: 2000pt Models: 52