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    2000 Points of Dark angels Pwnage!

    Ok, I was gonna do termy heavy vanilla but then I discovered DA, so here goes.


    Belial: Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield- 130

    Chaplain: Powerfist- 125


    Veteran Squad x9: 2 Power Weapons, 1 Thunder Hammer- 240
    Rhino Transport: Extra Armor- 50


    Deathwing Terminators: 4 SB and PF, 1 Assault Cannon- 245

    Deathwing Terminators: 4 SB and PF, 1 Assault Cannon- 245

    Deathwing Terminators: 4 SB and PF, 1 Assault Cannon- 245

    Deathwing Terminators: 4 Paired Lightning Claws, 1 Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield, Deathwing Standard, Apothecary- 270


    Ravenwing Squadron- 3 Bikes, 1 Attack Bike with Multimelta, 2 Meltaguns-185


    LRC: Extra Armor- 265

    Total: 2000

    The general plan of attack is as follows: Belial and the assault-oriented termies hop in the LRC and hug one flank. The Vets and Chappy hop in the Rhino and hug another flank. The bike squadron hunts tanks. The 3 squads of normal termies march up the center and act as a base of fire until they come within charge range.

    Overall, itís very top heavy. Itís going to get steam rolled by min-maxed, sport-tuned tourney lists. But I donít mind that because Iím buying this army for modeling and stylistic purposes, not so much point efficiency.


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    As long as you're going for broke with termies and want to be different, try a Lysander teleporting terminator army.

    Figure something like this:
    Lysander w/ terminator command squad, 2 assault cannons.
    Librarian w/ terminator command squad, 2 assault cannons.
    3 units of terminators, 2 units with assault cannons, 1 w/ cyclone missiles + tank hunter
    2 units of scouts w/ a vet sarge and teleport homers
    An assault squad with a vet sarge and teleport homers (give him some sort of snazzy weapon, PW or PF, probably PW considering the number of power fists you already have).

    Hide the scouts like your life depends on it, and bounce the assault marines closer to the enemy, keeping them away from getting shot at. Continue stalling until you get that 1 reserve roll and then *poof* 5 squads of terminators landing smack on one of your 3 homers, ready to blast the living crap out of everything within 24". This army isn't designed to jump into close combat, but rather is ready to unleash a wall of fire from the moment they land, with enough cannons being thrown at the opponent to force them to come to you, where you'll have a horde of power fists ready and able to deal with a counter-attack (as well as that assault squad).
    Oh, and why the librarian? If you're landing an army on the enemy, Fearing 4+ squads will be fun, and reduce their counterattack. Oooor, take Fury of the Ancients and pin a bunch of squads. Just make sure to drop his squad either along the side of the enemy for Fury, or smack in the middle for Fear.

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