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    2000pt friendly all Grey Knight army

    HQ- Grand Master-Master Crafted Nemisis Force Weapon, psycannon, Icon of the Just, Sacred Insensce,Holocaust,
    Grey Knight Terminator Retinue- 6 Terminators with 1 psycannon 551pts

    Troops- 3x10 Grey Knights with Justicar with Targeter,Frag Grenades 831pts in total

    Fast attack-10 Grey Knights with Justicar with Targeter, Frags, one Grey Knight with incinerator

    Heavy support- 2x Grey Knight Dreadnaught with Twin Linked Lascannon, and Missle Launcher, 296pts in total

    Lance Strike- 70 pts

    I wanted to use a really good Terminator squad, and as many Grey Knights as I could.

    By the way I am 20pts over which is okay where I play.

    Comments are apreciated :yes: .

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    The list looks good. Give at least one of your terminators a thunderhammer. With such an expensive unit it would be a disaster for them to be tied up in combat with a chaos dread with mutated hull and no way of touching it. You loose a little firepower but you aren't short of storm bolters in this army and a little insurance always helps.

    Considder that you could swap the GM and all his kit for a BC and 4 more termies. Yes they wouldn't have the force weapon but they would have 11 attacks (16 on the charge) to make up for it and they can't be instant killed. 5 BS4 storm bolters makes up for 1 BS5 psicannon. You would have to split this uber unit due to squad suze but you can always operate them together.

    You might as well have 2 troops squads and 2 fast attack squads.

    I assume the extra points you have spent on the dreads are for extra armour and smoke.

    Lance strike - always like them bit if you do take my advice and get 11 terminators then considder the melta strike instead. Why? Well it's AP3 so you can call it down on the objective and walk your terminators through the barrarge. Stand on the objective and shout "Come and have a go if you think your pure enough!" Always fun trying to shift 11 GK Termies through a rainstorm of melta torpedoes.

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    A better reason to use the melta torpedo is that, well, it's just plain better! Lance strikes have almost zero chance of threatening armour, while that is the melta torpedo's specialty. It is also an excellent anti-infantry threat in its own right, even at the weaker strength and AP value. In an army that is already painfully short on anti-armour capability, it's a sin to choose any orbital strike that isn't the melta torpedo.

    Otherwise, it's not a bad list. But 20 pts over?! It may be OK, but that's still rather ... extreme, doncha think? I'd drop some kit from the GM, and/or one GKT to recover points. Besides, your dreads also really need extra armour to help keep them alive. Such a "sacrifice" -- hardly even that, frankly -- off your HQ is meaningless compared to getting extra armour and keeping your list legal.
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    Drop holocaust, GK terminators really don't need it as the should be able to clear the kill zone. I am not a fan of deep striking GK units as they are expensive and DS squads usually end up dead. I also agree with the others that you should change out Lance Strike. Psycannons are amazing, you should have more of them. And good luck with those dreads, in 2000 points there will be more than enough anti-armor to remove them.

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