To start with I've been getting advice from peep's at my local club but it varies so much. No-one else plays WH so not sure if it is good advice. They play mostly 500pt combat patrol so that is where i would start, play quite a few games (lose most of them)while getting used to playing the game. One school of thought was

5 IST's (2 special weapons)
5 dominions (3 flamers) mounted in a immolator
5 retributors (3 special weapons)
and inquisitor (2 warriors, 2 acolyte, 1 chirugeon)(done as CC squad)

And the other school of thought was

2 squads of Sisters (14) in each and 1 Palatine (to get extra faith point bu killing her off)

Which idea works best (will then work out an army list and then ask for more help

Thanks Muchly