Okay so I was devising a list and with the help of a friend I was able to come up with a list that I fairly like -

Mephiston - 225
w/ 9 Vet Marines. 1 Power Weapon. 1 Power Fist. - 275

Lemartes - 125
Death Company - 7 (4 purchased) JP - 155

5 Man Assault Squad - 140
5 Man Assault Squad - 140

3 Attack Bikes - 150

2 Baal Pred's with Side Heavy Bolters + Extra Armor - 280

Total at 1490

I like how the list looks, but there are a few hesitations. I saw a list that used 10 Termies instead of Baal Pred's. I was wondering what you guys thought would be more effective? I was also considering dropping a DC to put Power weapons on the Assault Squads. What do you guys think?

Pretty much the list runs as a big ball of death. The Baal Preds run the flank and tear down easy infantry, maybe shooting a lighter tanks. I got this stradegy from somebody else on another forum, and it worked really well in both games I used it.

I am looking for more of an all comers list.