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    Salamanders 1500 pts, Friendly

    I quit the hobby right about when 3rd edition came out, but I've recently decided to get back into it. I'm mostly using old figures, but I'm stripping them and repainting them as Salamanders---I like the idea of fielding a nearly codex chapter with a bit more history and flavor. I've tried to design the army around (a) what minis I have available, (b) the character of the Salamnders chapter ("character" seems to be a less pejorative term than "fluff"), and (c) what looks like it will be most effective (meltas over flamers, assault cannons over heavy flamers, etc.).


    Company Captain
    Terminator Armor
    Storm Bolter
    Thunder Hammer
    120 pts

    Terminator Command Squad
    5 Terminators
    2 Assault Cannons
    240 pts


    Tank Hunter
    Extra Armor
    140 pts


    Tactical Squad
    8 Marines
    Upgrade Sergeant to veteran w/ Power Fist
    2 Meltas
    *DROP POD*
    205 pts

    Tactical Squad
    8 Marines
    Upgrade Sergeant to veteran w/ Power Fist
    2 Meltas
    *DROP POD*
    205 pts

    Fast Attack:

    Assault Squad
    7 Marines
    Upgrade Sergeant to veteran w/ Power Fist
    Teleport Homer
    2 plasma pistols
    199 pts

    Land Speeder Squadron
    2 Land Speeders w/ Heavy Bolters and Assault Cannons
    160 pts

    Heavy Support:

    Devastator Squad
    8 Marines
    4 Multi-meltas
    *DROP POD*
    230 pts

    That comes out to 1499 pts.

    The Justifications:

    HQ --- Salamanders use lots of Terminators, plus teleporting the terminators fits tactically with all the drop pods. Heavy flamers would be more in line with the character of the Salamanders chapter, but (a) I don't have the minis and (b) I'd like to have a chance to win against armies other than tyranids and orks.

    Elites --- Since most of the army deep strikes, anything that starts on the board needs to have some staying power and the venerable+reinforced armor upgrades seem to supply just that. Plus the Salamanders are an old chapter and they're into machines, so it stands to reason that they field a lot of dreadnoughts.

    Troops --- These drop pod tactical squads seem to make the best use of the Salamanders' ability to equip two special weapons. Meltas seem better than plasma because they won't restrict the possibility of firing and charging in the same turn. This is realy the thematic core of the army.

    Fast Attack --- The land speeders are not exactly in line with the salamanders chapter since they can only take 0-1 fast attack vehicle squadron, but they seem too effective to ignore; I went with assault cannons over Flamers because they seem more versatile and effective despite the Salamanders' preference for heat weapons.

    The assault squad doesn't need help getting near the enemy and they can (a) guide the terminators in with the homer and (b) provide support to any of my squads stranded in the enemy deployment zone after a bad reserves roll.

    Heavy Support --- I'm least sure of the drop pod devastator squad. Multi-meltas seem hard to use effectively in devastator squads because of their range, but a drop pod would remedy that issue. At worst, the squad would let me hold board quadrants---who wants to try to unseat a squad with 4 multi-meltas? Plus it fits with the Salamanders' to deploy lots of melta weapons. The alternative would be to deploy the devastators with 4 missile launchers and use the drop pod for the dreadnought.

    Any suggestions?

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    The dev squad is very fluffy, but not very effective. They come in drop pod, so they might not get that many turns of actual fire, as the turn you come in, you can't evern pop a tank with them. I would suggest not drop poding them and giving them long range weapons. The tactical squads look good, I don't really have experience with drop podding my troops but in combo with the double plas, I'm sure they'll tear up stuff good. I'm not sure about giving the Assault Marines Teleport homers. You might not want the Termies to be in the same area as your only other close combat squad, you might want them to teleport in and flank the other side of the army. I don't know about the Dreadnought with the tank hunters. It makes it good vs. light vehicles, but it doesn't really help that much against heavy armored vehicles, as you are going to try to rend them, and if you rend, then you are almost guaranteed to penetrate.
    Taking the drop pod from the Devs could give you enough points to make a Hellfire Dread, that would give you a S10 lacannon and S9 Missile launcher with the tank hunters. And you already have 4 assault cannons, so its not that big of a loss.

    And its going to suck to have 2 tornadoes in one squad. If one gets crew stunned, then you are going to either force the other to stick behind with it, making them penetrable, or ditch the shaken which auto destroys it. So anything over S 5 could easily cause the doom of 2 Land Speeders. But they will eat up any squad they shoot at, so you're going to have to hug terrain and avoid any big guns at all, cuz one glance and you might be toasted.

    Command squad looks good though.

    Sorry for the bad formatting and sentence structure, I'm tired.

    *whoops, just re-read your list, give your tactical squads plas. I prefer plas over melta, but those hidden powerfists will do some damage. Better hope you aren't fighting Mech Eldar or another fast army, cuz you have to wait a turn before you can charge with those powerfists. While you could rapid fire 2 plas the same turn you drop podded in, killing light vehicles or anything really.
    Last edited by marine13; August 22nd, 2007 at 03:25.

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