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    1700 Tourney Grenadiers - 2000th post!

    Well lads, I'm back!:party:
    I have been very infreqent on L.O., but work is very busy and for a while I didn't many good playing opportunities so my enthusiasm for 40k was waining.

    I have since found an excellent 'money' tournement to play in once a month and I want to go back to my first love Grenadier Guard. I still love my Grey Knights, but I've really given them a good run and it's time to be a 'Tread Head' again!;Y

    The idea behind this particular army is overwhelm the enemy with armour. If you can neutralize the enemy AT power quickly, you can win easily. Conversely if you can't, toast you will be fast!

    The real problem I see with this list is not enough AT capabilities. The two Lascannon Sentinals are not enough, so I added the two Melta Gun IST squad and Demolishers can be used against anything.

    Doctrines: Grenadiers

    HQ: JO+Squad with 3 x Flamers
    Chimera, EA, Smoke =156pts.

    Lascannon Sentinal, 55pts

    Elites: None

    Troops: 2 X Squads of 10 Grenadiers with two Plasma Guns each. Vet Sgt with PW. Each with Chimera, EA and Smoke. = 448pts for both.

    IST Squad: 10 ISTs with Vet Sgt with Power Fist, 2 Melta Guns. Rhino, EA, Smoke. = 213pts.

    Fast Attack: 2 x Hellhounds each with EA, Smoke and Heavy Stubber, = 270pts for both.

    Lascannon Sentinal - 55pts.

    Heavy Support: 2 x Demolishers (triple HBs) each with, EA and Smoke = 346pts for both.

    Basilisk with Improved Comms ( there is usually one escalation game) and Indirect Fire, 148pts.

    That is 1691 points. Any suggestions that don't involve getting rid of my Grenadiers.

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    Sir Winston Churchil

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    Hellhounds are good tanks Dakka,Dakka,Dakka's Avatar
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    well if you go grenadiers then grab carapace because if your whole army has to buy carapace it is expensive but if it is just for your hq and maybe some other squads it is okay

    grab hardened veterans and match them up with carapace armor docterine so you will have a squad with 3 special weapons and a heavy weapon with carapace. And infltrate free..........because other than targeters, hellguns, and carapace hardened veterans are a better buy than stormtroopers(extra special wpn and a heavy weapon) besides you dont have enough heavy weapons so hardened veteran squads will make good stationary squads(im thinking 3 plasma guns and a missile launcher or something, maybe lascannon?)

    so invest a docterine pt in hardened veterans so you can have 3 squads and invest a docterine in special equiptment carapace so your hq and your veteran squads are as durable as your troops

    so if you add veteran squads and maybe a anti tank squad attached to your hq you will probably have enough anti tank and you can drop the melta guns on the inquisitorial storm troopers(ps isnt a thunder hammer the same price as the powerfist plus it stuns the opponent and looks better?)

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    I've done a similar list plenty of times and I have a few recommendations.

    1) Your list requires that your vehicles have lasting power so I recommend freeing up points for another Russ variant to replace the basilisk. The suvivability of the list would be increased immensly.

    2) Take the carapace armor docturine and you'll have a nice themed look to your army if you use the storm trooper models for all infantry.

    3) Avoid letting them get too close. Going to them wouldn't be too useful. Stormtroopers are too tough for a lot of things and those that they can take they'll not need the flamer support on the command squad. I recommend replacing flamers with grenade launchers or plasma depending on weither mobility or AP 2 is more important.
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