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    1500 Black Templar, all assault

    I've started making list that are more specialized in one department instead of my more balanced approach, this one being assault infantry focused. Pretty much everything is set up to be thrown towards the enemy. Admittedly, with list will have some problems again certain enemies.

    Master of Sanctity (152)
    _Bolt pistol, frags, holy orb of antioch, 3 servitors

    Emperor's Champion (140)
    _Accept any challenge

    Sword Brethren Squad (240)
    10 Brethren
    _Bolt pistols & CCWs
    _2 with terminator honors
    __Power weapon, power fist

    Crusader Squad (245) *Champion attached here*
    10 Initiates
    _Bolt pistols & CCWs, meltagun, power fist
    6 Neophytes
    _Bolt pistols & CCWs

    Crusader Squad (225) *Chaplain attached here*
    10 Initiates
    _Bolt pistols & CCWs, meltagun, power fist
    4 Neophytes
    _Bolt pistols & CCWs

    Fast Attack
    Assault Squad (201)
    8 Initiates
    _Power fist, 2 plasma pistols

    Land Speeder Tornado (80)
    _Heavy bolter, assault cannon

    Land Speeder Tornado (80)
    _Heavy bolter, assault cannon

    Heavy Support
    Vindicator (133)
    _Extra armor, smoke launchers

    Total: 1496

    With the Sword Brethren, I really want to see how they work when infiltrated, as it will (theoretically) get them into combat by turn 2, turn 1 if they can zeal. Though giving them furious charge and footslogging with the Crusader Squads would probably work fine too. Alternatively, I could replace this squad with Assault cannon wielding Terminators.

    The difference in Neophytes in the Crusader Squads is to accommodate the Chaplain's servitors. Admittedly, the meltaguns in these squads are my only anti-tank on the field (excluding lucky rends from the LSTs), so I could drop the plasma pistols from the Assault Squad for meltabombs and use them for tank hunting.

    The Vindicator, being the only vehicle on the field, is meant to be more of a bullet sponge than anything. In a recent game against Tau I found that AV13 is pretty solid, so it should last until my combat squads are nearly engaged.

    All thoughts are welcome.

    Black Templar (3000)
    Imperial Guard (1500 and growing)

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    I like the list outside of the vindi & brethren.

    The vindi: basically, it might be a bullet sponge, but it's going to be a bullet sponge that never gets to shoot. Ever. While AV 13 is impressive, getting a glance on the side armor is a joke for most armies, and as it's the only vehicle, it'll have every anti-vehicle weapon pointed at it. Two ways to deal with this: first, drop it for more troops. Second, get the PoMS so you can shoot every turn.

    The brethren: These are my favorite models in the BT line, and on paper, are awesome! However, in game play, I've rarely had them make it to turn 3, and for 240 pts, I think I would rather have the 5-man 2-cannon termi squad for a nice solid firebase. But that's me. They really shine coming out of a LRC with furious charge, but then again, you can get helbrecht and have a 15-man squad do that, so...

    Anyway, it's a good list, albeit one sided. You'll have huge problems with mech tau and mech eldar (and mech anyone, for that matter), but it'll probably be fun to play for a few games, anyway.

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