Alright, this is my first attempt at a Ravenwing list, so I'm open to any suggestions at all, the only thing I'm not willing to do is drop the Veteran squad, just because i like the models so much, but I'm alright with switching their wargear. I also think i screwed up the combat squads on the ravenwing bikes, ill change it once i figure out how it works exactly.

Sammael Master of the Raven Wing 205

Ravenwing Attack Squad (3) Assault bike W/ Multi-Melta 170

Ravenwing Attack Squad (6) 270
Powerfist on Sergent, Ravenwing Company Standard
In combat squads

Fast Attack:
Ravenwing Support Squadron 100
Assault cannon + Multi Melta

Company Veterans Squad 170
Las cannon
Razorback W/ twin heavy bolter

Heavy Support:
Whirlwind 85
W/ Vengeance Missiles

The basic plan is to have the WW in the back, behind cover, trying to make him spread his troops, while the veteran's and the razorback set up on or around the cover to protect the WW, while using the range on their weapons to not be entirely useless. Sammael will go with the un-upgraded combat squad, attack and assault squads with them, while the speeder goes around with the bike squad that has the assault bike. I'm quite low on models, and I'm relying a lot on my speed and small squads to have me hide behind cover. thanks in advance.