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    2000 points IG list from new IG player

    Still in the process of collecting models, thought I'd draw up a list to get an idea of what it'll feel like at 2k points. Still haven't played a game with them yet, so no clue how this will work out. I feel like I need more models at 2k points, but like I said, I'm new at these guys Eldar is my forte, but its time for something new. Any comments would be appreciated! (if its really good I'll even rep you )

    Chamoleine (sp)
    Iron Discipline
    Close Order Drill

    256 + HQ
    176 - Heroic Senior Officer w/ power weapon, bolter, Iron Discipline, vet w/ standard and storm bolter, 3 grenade launchers, camo, Commisar w/ power weapon
    80 - Fire Support squad w/ heavy bolters

    486 + Elites
    110 - 10 Ratling Snipers
    146 - 10 Stormtroopers w/ vet equipped with power weapon and meltabombs, 2 meltaguns, Deep Striking
    140 - 10 Hardend Veterans w/ vet seg equipped w/ power weapon and bolter, heavy bolter, 2 plasma guns, 1 melta gun, camo
    90 - mounted in Chimera w/ hvy flamers, extra hvy flamers, and extra armor

    165 + Fast Attack

    120 - Hellhound w/ extra armor
    45 - Sentenal w/ multilaser

    678 + Troops
    169 - Junior Officer w/ honorifica, power weapon, iron disclipine, 4 veterens, commisar w/ power fist, camo
    112 - Squad Alpha w/ vet eq/ bolter, lascannon, plasma gun, camo
    97 - Squad Beta w/ vet eq/ bolter, heavy bolter, plasma gun, camo
    101 - Junior Officer w/ power weapon, iron discipline, vet medic, 3 plasma guns, camo
    97 - Squad Charlie w/ vet eq/ bolter, heavy bolter, plasma gun, camo
    102 - Squad Delta w/ vet eq/ bolter, autocannon, plasma gun, camo

    415 + Heavy Support
    160 - Leman Russ w/ hvy bolter, hvy bolter sponsons, and extra armor
    155 - Leman Russ w/ hvy bolter, hvy bolter sponsons
    100 - Basilisk

    5th? Cool. WotLK? Also cool.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roulex View Post
    .... I feel like I need more models at 2k points, ...

    I would agree, unless you're going down a very special interpretation Guard are very much about numbers and guns generally and this list looks a little light to me at any rate.

    Specific points for me would be:

    Camo & Commissars - they are taking a large chunk of points you could spend on infantray squads.

    Stormtroopers I'd swap give these plasma and the chimera.

    I'm not sure about the chimera wepaon fit, but I can see how it migh complement the hellhound.

    Vets plasma & melta isn't a good combination - give them all melta and deep strike these guys, consider a smaller squad too.

    The lone sentinel won't last long - either drop it or add another squadron of 1?

    Otherwise it's not bad, although if you roll "1" a lot you're in trouble with all that plasma!!
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