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    Lunar Hawks 1000/1500pts - friendly

    Hey Guys, just my 1000/1500 point army lists that ive come up with i think the only thing 'wrong' with this list is maybe the Machine Spirit on the Predator? (couldnt think of anything else to buy)

    HQ – Reclusiarch – Jump Pack/Bolt Pistol/Frag and Krak Grenades/Terminator Honours = 124pts

    Troops – 10 Scouts - Bolters = 130pts

    Troops – 10 Space Marines – Plasma Gun/Missile Launcher = 170pts

    Troops – 10 Space Marines – Veteran Sergeant/Plasma Pistol/Purity Seals/Melta Gun/Flamer = 200pts
    – Rhino Transport – Smoke Launchers/Extra Armour = 58pts

    Fast Attack – 5 Space Marines – Veteran Sergeant/Power Weapon/Plasma Pistol (x2)/Krak Grenades = 150pts*

    Heavy Support – Predator Destructor – Heavy Bolter Sponsoons/Hunter Killer Missile/Extra Armour/Smoke Launchers/Power of the Machine Spirit = 153pts

    Total – 985pts

    *Fast Attack (continued) – 5 Space Marines – Krak Grenades = 115pts

    Heavy Support – 8 Space Marines – Plasma Cannon/Missile Launcher (x2)/ Lascannon = 230pts

    Troops – 10 Space Marines –Plasma Gun/Missile Launcher = 170pts

    Total – 1500pts

    let me know what you think,

    In the name of the Emperor and for the Glory of the Imperium... Gimme Back My Girlfriend! :(

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    Instead of PofMS for the Predator, give your Veteran Sgt a Power fist. He will ROCK in close combat. I also don't recommend using flamers on troops that only move 6 inches at a time. It is very hard to get him in position to justify the 6 points spent. On the other hand, the 10 points spent on a melta gun is VERY worth it IMHO. You can crack a tank or insta-kill a character--both are noble aspirations for a battle brother!

    If you can get more points, beef up your assault squad to 8 men at least, but 10 men would be better. It will Greatly increase their survivability because that unit is a fire magnet!!
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