2500 pts Armored Company Tourney - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    2500 pts Armored Company Tourney

    Rare Tanks: Vanquisher, Destroyer Tank Hunter
    Forge Crafted (FC), Ace Sponson Gunners (ASG), Ace Drivers (AD)

    Command Tank Leman Russ Vanquisher 390
    Veterans, Hull mounted Heavy bolter, Sponson Heavy bolters
    Extra armor (EA), Track guards (TG), Rought Terrain Modification (RTM), Smoke Launchers (SL), Pintle Hvy Stubbers (PHS)
    Doctrines: FC, ASG, AD

    Tank Ace Destroyer 285
    EA, PSB
    Doctrines: AD, FC

    Storm Trooper Squad (x10) 176
    vet sgt w/HO, PwrWpn,Bionics
    2 Plasmaguns
    Chimera 110
    Multilaser, Hvy Bolter
    EA, TG, PSB

    Leman Russ 228
    Lascannon, Hvy Bolters
    EA, TG, SL
    Doctrines: FC ASG AD

    Leman Russ 238
    Lascannon, Hvy Bolters
    EA, TG, SL, PSB
    Doctrines: FC ASG AD

    Leman Russ Exerminator 180
    Hull Heavy bolter
    RTM, EA, TG
    Doctrines: FC, AD

    Hellhound 168
    EA, SL, TG
    Doctrines: FC, AD

    2 Sentinels w/Lascannons 110

    Leman Russ Demolisher 255
    Lascannon, Sponson Plasma Cannon
    RTM, EA, TG, PHS, SL, SearchLight

    Leman Russ Demolisher 255
    Lascannon, Sponson Plasma Cannon
    RTM, EA, TG, PHS, SL, SearchLight

    Armored Fist Squad 97
    Vet Sgt w/shotgun
    Missile Launcher
    Chimera 117
    H-K Missile, RTM, EA, PHS

    2499 pts

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    Inquisitorial Aspirant librisrouge's Avatar
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    Just to point out two things about this list.

    1) Forge Crafted is a special equipment docturine so everything that can take it MUST take it. This means that your command tank, demolishers, and possibly the chimeras have to be equiped with it. Read the docturine very closely and if it says tank as the description for what takes it, then all of the above need to have it.

    2) Armored Company lists may not be tournament legal anymore. I don't know if this list is just for friendly play or not but I doubt that you'll be allowed to use it in a RT or GT tournament.
    'An open mind is like a fortress with its walls unguarded and its gates wide open' -Blood Ravens

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