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    2000pts Blood Angels Needs advice

    After my last list i tried making a larger force that better shows the Blood Angels Advantages. I hope to build a new army with this list for the christmas campaignes so i want to make sure that it is as good as it can be before starting. Here it is:
    Brother Corbulo
    10 Death company, all have jump packs
    5 Terminators, assault cannon
    10 Veteran assault, 2 meltas
    5 Veteran assault, 2 powre weopon, power fist, melta, 2 melta bombs
    10 Assault, power weopon
    5 Tactical, plasma gun, plasma cannon, rhino w extra armour and storm bolter
    2 Attack bike, both have multi meltas
    3 Bikes, 2 melta gun, power weopon
    Baal w storm bolter
    110 =1980pts
    I chose Brother Carbulo for his red grail. I would be gratefull for any advice.

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    Looks like a fast army, but you could probably try cutting out some of the exta tidbits and squeezing in a dreadnought in there , or try buff up your terminators a bit more. They'll be the first thing an opponent will target, and you want them to present a major threat, but a lasting threat. You don't want them all dead in 1 turn, so then your opponent will turn his fire on your fast units.

    Terminators are what i call 'fire soakers'. They soak up damage and keep going. Kinda like a squad of mini-dreadnoughts.

    It's a good speed army, but all it will do is speed. You won't last long in sustained battles. Learn to art of 'drive-bys' in the game, and you'll do fine. ^_-
    Only the dead have seen the end of war.

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