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    2500pt black templar list (balanced)

    HQ- Marshal w/ lightning claws, terminator armour, frags, meltas (141pts)

    HQ- Reclusiarch Chaplin w/ terminator honours, plasma pistol, frags, meltas (131pts)

    HQ- Emperors Champion w/ abhor the witch, destroy the witch. ( most armies will have a psyker at this points level.) (110pts)

    Elites- venerable Dreadnought w/ twin-linked lascannon, missile launcher, tank hunter veteran skill (170pts)

    Elites- terminator assault squad (7) w/ 4 lightning claws and 3 thunder hammers/ storm shields, furious charge veteran skill (301pts) (Marshals squad with LRC transport)

    Troops- crusade squad (20) w/ 10 neophytes CCW, 8 initiates CCW, 1 powerfist/ bolt pistol, 1 melta gun (285pts) x4

    Heavy support- LRC (265pts)

    Heavy support- predator annihilator w/ heavy bolter sponsons and extra armour (135pts) x2

    total= 2499pts
    total models = 94

    It leans more to CCW but has a fair bit of long range fire power. The LRC provides a safe transport for my terminators. It also plays as a distraction and great scare tactic as I've learn't from previous games. The bulk of my army comes from my 80 battle crazed initiates/ neophytes. My tanks and dreadnought (not including the LRC) will be moving up with the rest of the army killing any nasty things that will cause problems fro the rest of the army. They can also be used in a line breaker fashion. The Chaplin and champion will join one of the 4 crusade squads in the beginning of the game.

    advice and criticism welcome.

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    This is a very intersting list. I have fought along side Black Templars many times. Your assumption that most armies has psykers is very interesting. I feel the abhor the witch is now less effective now that Minor Psychic Powers have been eliminated. I personally like accept any challene, but that's just me.

    HQ: I would replace the marshal with a chaplain. If he's gonna attach to the terminators, he might as well let them re-roll to hit on the charge. Also, i would give him terminator armor for additional protection. Twin Lightning claws are good. Also, i would give the chaplain that's attaching to the crusader squad 3 cenobyte servitors so they get a better righteous zeal move. Also, Artificer Armor helps. I like to attach both the chaplain and the Emperor's Champion to one of the crusader squads.

    Elites: Ven Dread looks good. I prefer to run 6 claws/1 hammer only because i don't like to see one of my most expensive units hit at I1. Atleast they're S5 on the charge. With having only 1 termie at I1, you can minimize the causualties you take by having slow initiative.

    Troops: I would drop 1 of the crusader squad only for points here and there.

    Rest of the army looks good. If you have extra points from dropping the crusader squad, you should try an assault squad.

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