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    1000 point friendly

    Okay this is another list im also working on, This one is mostly just a foot slogger, designed to be a core of a bigger force at some point.

    Command Platoon "Pride" 423
    Sr officer, master crafted power fist, bolt pistol, bionics, carapace armor
    Standard Bearer
    Master Vox
    Fire support Squad, 3 Heavy bolters
    Fire support squad. 3 auto cannons
    Anti Tank Squad, 3 lascannons
    Anti Tank Squad, 3 lascannons
    Special weapon squad, 3 grenade launchers

    Infantry Platoon "Wrath" 243
    Command Section
    Jr officer, Powerfist
    Infantry Section Alpha
    Vet Sargent, power weapon
    Auto cannon
    Melta gun
    Infantry Section Bravo
    Vet Sargent, Power weapon
    Heavy bolter

    Infantry Platoon "Envy" 243
    Same as "Wraith"

    Sentinel Squadron "Greed" 90
    Two Mars pattern loadouts

    So just as i asked for the other list, id like to know what your opinions on this one would be.

    Oh.. but i dont look so good with all those.. tentaclly things..

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    I recommend taking the power weapon off of the vet sergeants, any unit that assaults you through all that fire power are gonna be good close combat troops, so the single powerweapon may just be a waste.

    Also take the melta and flamers off the troop platoons. both those weapons require movment and normally more then just 1 in a squad to be very effective. You should most likely replace them with either a plasma gun or a grenade launcher.

    What doctrines are you using? some good cheap ones are close order drill, and drop troops.

    A fun thing to do with drop troops is load a special weapon squad with nothing but a demolition charge (very cheap) then with drop troops just deep strike them next to a juicy unit like a squad of terminators and watch the fireworks. The trade will be like you lose around 45 poitns for the squad and they lose at least 200 points for the terminators (dont know the exact cost) and if the deepstrike goes bad, o well it was only 45 points

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