I'm new to the guard and just wanted some advice on a slightly horde army I was playin with.

Doctrines- Close Order Drill, Drop troops, storm troopers, sharpshooters, special weapons squads

HQ- Command Squad- Heroic senior Officer- PW, bolt pistol, carapace armor, refractor field
Commisar- PF, carpace, refractor field, bolt pistol
Vetran- Standard bearer, BP ccw
Guardsman- master vox laspistol ccw
x2Guardsman- meltagun
Anti tank squad- 3xplatforms missles sharpshooters
Anti tank squad-x3platforms lascannons sharpshooters

x4 Guardsman platoons with
Junior Officer- BP ccw
with x4 guardsman with meltaguns and sharpshooters
3 infantry squads all with grenade launchers
=1180 on troops

x2 Leman Russes with Hull lascannons sponson heavy bolters extra armor smoke launchers and pintle mounted heavy stubbers.

Comments are appreciated.