I am coming back to IG after time out with Nids and Marines.

As a big fan of tanks I want a tank heavy force which is legal in GW tournaments at 1500 points (so no armoured company - unless I'm mistaken).

Comments appreciated on this basic list;

Heroic Senior Officer, 1 x lascannon heavy weapon crew, 1 x plasma gun special weapon,
mater vox caster, 2 x missile launcher anti-tank support squads

(* these could all be missile launchers, all lascannons or any other variation *)

4 x basic squad + plasma gun + vox caster in each

Elites (Hardened Veterans)
Veteran Seargent, 3 x meltaguns, vox caster (total of Searg and 4 vets)

Fast Attack
2 x Hellhounds, extra armour, track guards

Heavy Support
2 x Leman Russ, hull heavy bolter, heavy bolter side sponsons, extra armour, track guards

1 x Demolisher, hull heavy bolter, plasma cannon side sponsons, extra armour, track guards

This comes in just under 1500 points.

Comments and suggestions much appreciated.