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    2000pt friendly Harakoni warhawks drop troop army

    Doctrines- Drop troops, Carapace armor, special weapons squads, sharpshooters, storm troopers

    HQ- H.S.O.- bolt pistol, power sword, carapace armor, refractor field, frags
    Commisar- Bolt pistol, powerfist, carapace
    Standard bearer
    Master vox
    Guardsman- plasma gun
    Special Weapons squad- 2 meltas, demo charge
    Anti tank squad- 3 Missles sharpshooters
    Anti tank squad- 3 lascannons sharpshooters
    Fire support squad- 3 autocannons sharpshooters

    Elites- Storm troopers- 9 + sarge 1 melta 1 plasma Deep strike

    x3 Infantry platoon- whole platoon including command with carapace armor
    Command squad- Junior officer with plasma pistol
    X3 guardsman with meltas
    Infantry Squad #1 flamer vox caster
    Infantry Squad #2 grenade launcher vox caster
    Infantry Squad#3 grenade launcher vox caster

    Fast attack-
    sentinel with heavy flamer

    Comments are appreciated. I would like to know if I should tone down the guardsman and get more special weapons and sentinels what do you guys think?



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    Hmm, focus your stormtroopers, I know you get 1 of each in a special weapons blister, but since its freindly, run a counts-as and have 2 of one.

    You dont need to take carapace armour on either officers or advisors, they get it included in the 20pts for the squads armour, but all your guard infantry squads must take carapace, see the list at the start of the doctrines section for what counts as "Guard Infantry"

    Improved comms your sentinel if at all possible, it just helps get a few more units down when you need them. (I assume you are dropping everything in?)

    Oh, and fluffwise you want more plasma guns and heavy bolters, as well as heavy weapons platoons instead of sharpshooters, but thats not entirely neccessary and is only if you are bent on a pure "harakoni" style. If you just want an excuse for lots of carapace armoured, beweaponed mentalists dropping from the sky its all well and good .
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