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    Using IG, DH and WH....

    Hey all,

    This is my first post on the site and I seem to remember a tactica that was created discussing my subject title. Anyhow, I want to see the viability and legality of this list I made for the up coming 'Ard Boyz. Anyhow, here goes:

    Doctrines: Sharpshooter, COD, Drop Troops, Special Wpns Sqd, Hvy Wpns Platoon

    Inquisitor Lord w/ Pwr Sword, 2x Acolytes w/ Storm Shields, 2x Mystic

    Preacher w/ Eviscerator (As per the WH Codex, doesn't count towards HQ slots and necessary to bring other crap)

    HSO w/ MC Pwr Sword and Carapace Armor, Vet w Standard, Master Vox
    HQ Attachments:
    Sentinel Sqd- 2x Armaggedon Pattern
    Fire Support Sqd- 3x Hvy Bolters, Sharpshooter
    Anti-Tank Sqd- 3x Missiles, Sharpshooter
    Anti-Tank Sqd- 3x Lascannons, Sharpshooter
    2x Special Wpn Sqds each with 2x Meltaguns and Demo-Charge

    Troops-Armoured Fist Sqd (Standard Chimera build= Multi-laser, Hull Hvy bolter and pintle stubber)

    IG Platoon
    CMND Sqd- JO w/ Macharian Cross, MC P-Fist, Vox and Lascannon
    2x Sqds w/ Lascannon and Plasmagun Sharpshooters
    Remnants- Sgt w/4 troops, Plasmagun

    Heavy Support
    Demolisher w/ Lascannon and Plasma Cannon Sponsons
    Basilisk w/ Indirect Fire
    Heavy Weapons Platoon
    CMND Sqd w/ Lascannon and JO w/ Macharian Cross, Vox
    2x Lascannon Sqds w/ sharpshooter

    Callidus Assassin (Toying with replacing with Eversor)
    4x Arco-Flagellants
    Hardened Veterans Sqd
    Veteran Sgt w/ Honorifica Imperialis, Carapace Armor, Plasma Pistol, MC Pwr Wpn, 6x troops, 3x Plasmaguns

    So, the Tale of the Tape: 16 Lascannons, 3x Missiles, 3x HB, 6x Plasmaguns, 2x Pie Plates. Troop count: 112


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    Hey Chief! Welcome to LO!

    I'll swing this into the Army List Subforum
    Quote Originally Posted by Jaffar_Hasad
    You need more Mordians?
    They still exist?

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