Well after trudging through the trenches in the Imperial guard and setting people I don't like on fire in the witch hunters, I've decided to turn towards the Emperor's Finest, the Space Marines! Now, I am kinda sick of static shooting and lots of tanks, but I like mobility, so while reading through the codex an idea struck me, drop pods! I've used a few drop armies with the guard, but I doubt its the same with marines. Without further delay, I present

Divum Angelus 1000pt.
Chapter Traits:
Trust your Battle Brothers
Cleanse and Purify
Flesh Over Steel
Faithful Unto Death

Exsequiae Venators 355
-Epistolary Librarian
-Fear of the Darkness
-Terminator Armor

Command Squad
-Assault Cannon
-Assault Cannon

Troops 661
Squad Friminus 252 (True Grit)
-Sergeant Friminus
-Terminator Honors
-9 Marines
-2 Flamers
-Drop Pod

Squad Isaias 260(True Grit)
-Sergeant Isaias
-Terminator Honors
-9 marines
-2 Melta Guns
-Drop Pod

Scout Squad Hadrian 131
-Scout Sergeant Hadrain
-Terminator honors
-Teleport Homer
-6 Scouts
-Sniper Rifles
-Heavy Bolter

The basic fluff is that the Divum Angelus are relic hunters. They seek out chaos, xeno, and ancient imperial artifacts(while purging on the side) and either catalog or destroy them. The scouts respond to rumors and gather intelligence and if the situation permits they call in reinforcements.

This is my first attempt at a space marine army, so please tear it apart.