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    IG 2500pts w/ Doctrines

    This is a list i've written up for games vs mainly orks & 'crons. I've never played with this before but Any help will be great

    As far as tactics go, i'm going to infiltrate most of my army so that i can get good coversaves & firing alleys early &then just waste away the orks under constant hail of las-fire, with flanking tanks/sentinels. my termies are there as a HQ/CC counter tho they can probably handle themselves reasonably well.

    p.s. i know there's a lot of upgrades that arent normally taken but its because i had to use up points as this is pretty much my whole guard army & i didnt want to use too many units from my deamon/witch hunters armies

    2500pt Imperial Guard List

    Close Order Drill
    Iron Discipline
    Light Infantry
    Storm Troopers


    Commissar Yarrick 146pts

    Heroic Senior Officer & Co.327pts
    1xHer. Sen. Officer w/ Carapace, M/C Plasma Pistol, Manchurian Cross, Power Weapon, Medallion Crimson.
    1xMortar Team
    1xVeteran Standard Bearer w/ Carapace
    1xAnti Tank Squad w/ 2x Lascannon & 1x Missile Launcher

    Storm Trooper Squad 214pts
    9xStorm Troopers w/ Deepstrike, Meltabombs. 1x Plasma, 1x Grenade Lau.
    1xVeteran Seargent w/ M/C Plasma Pistol, Power Weapon

    Hardened Veterans 155pts
    5x Veterans w/ Krak Gren. 3x MeltaGuns
    1xVeteran Sgt. w/Power Fist, Melta Bomb, M/C Plasma Pistol

    Allied Grey Knight Terminators 416pts
    5xTerminators w/ 1x Incinerator
    1x Brother Captain w/ M/C Psycannon, Holocaust, Icon of Just, Psychic Hood


    Infantry Platoon 438pts
    1xJunior Officer w/ Honirifica Imperialis, M/C Plasma Pistol Carapace
    1xMortar Team
    1x Veteran w/ Bolt Bistol
    1xGuardsman w/ Gren. Launcher
    Squad 1
    9xGuardsmen w/ 1x Auto Cannon, 1x Plasma Gun
    Squad 2
    9xGuardsmen w/ 1x Heavy Bolter, 1x Gren. Launcher
    1x Sgt
    Squad 3
    9xGuardsmen w/ 1x Sniper, 1x Flamer

    Armoured Fist Squad 234pts
    9xGuardsmen w/ 1x Heavy Bolter, 1x Grenade Launcher
    1xVet. Sgt.
    Chimera Transport
    1xChimera w/ Multilaser, Hull Heavy Bolter, Heavy Stubber, Extra Armour,Hunter Killer Missile, Rough Terrain Mods., Track Guards, Smoke.

    Fast Attack
    Sentinel Squad 70pts
    1x Sentinel w/ Lascannon, Armoured Crew Compartments

    Sentinel Squad 70pts
    1x Sentinel w/ Lascannon, Armoured Crew Compartments

    Heavy Support
    Leman Russ 215pts
    1xLeman Russ w/ Lascannon, Heavy Bolter Sponsoons, Heavy Stubber,Hunter Killer Missile, Extra Armour, Improved Comms, Smoke

    Demolisher 215pts
    1xDemolisher w/ Lascannon, Plasma Cannon Sponsoons, Heavy Stubber,Hunter Killer Missile, Extra Armour, Smoke

    pps. the reason for yarrick being in the force is purely fluff based against my mates ork army.

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