Right people i have created a new space marine chapter called the sons of the serpant.

They were origionally founded by the salamanders and quickly became a strong band of warriors. Shortly after a giant ork invasion their home world was redused to a pile of slag but most of the chapter had been away fighting against the eye of terror. They have now become a ever moving chapter that has not yet returned to full strength with only 6 companies completed they are ever looking for new additions to the chapter. These marines have a never ending hatred for all xenos kind but especially orks. the chapter has a strong belief in the number 5 which explanes the squad sizes.

bellow is my 2000pts list that i will be taking to a local tournament (will post the outcome of the battle when it is completed.


Master Commander Asharval Kheng
Lightning claw
Storm Bolter
Terminator honours
artificer armour

Command Squad Deathdealers
Sergeant- TH, PF and Bolt Pistol
Apothercary- TH and plasma pistol
Company Standard Bearer- TH and PF
Company Champion- TH, PW, CS and bolt pistol
Marine 1- TH, PW and bolt pistol
Special skill Furious Charge

TL Lascannon
extra armour

This units job is to nutralise the enemy HQ as fast as possible

Reclusiarch Caleb
Crozius Arcanum
Bolt Pistol

Joins the veteran squad Devastator to use his ability to optimise their killin powrr


dreadnought Baruch
TL lascannon
storm bolter
extra armour

Veteran Squad Devastator
Sergeant- TH, PF and bolt pistol
Marine 2- Pair of lightning claws
Marine - Bolt pistol and PW
Marines 4 and 5- Boltpistol and CCW

Veteran Squad Fury
Sergeant- TH Plasma pistol and CCW
Marine 2- Missile launcher
Marine 3- flamer
Marine 4 and 5- Bolters


Tactical squad Revenge
Sergeant- TH, PF and plasma pistol
Marine 2- Multimelta
Marine 3- Meltagun
Marines 4 and 5- Bolters

Tactical Squad Darkstorm
Sergeant- Bolt Pistol and CCW
Marine 2- Heavy Bolter
Marine 3 Plasma gun
Marines 4 and 5 Bolters

Tactical Squad Striker
Sergeant- TH, bolt pistol and PW
Marine 2- Plasma Cannon
Marine 3- Plasma gun
Marines 4 and 5- Bolters

Each squad is able to take on any opponent

Scout Squad Sharpshot
Sergeant- Sniper rifle
Scout 2- Missile launcher
Scouts 3,4 and 5- sniper Rifles

There job is to pin the enemy down so that my assaul squad can close in on their intended target

Fast Attack

Assault Squad Quicksilver
Sergeant- TH, bolt pistol and PF
Marine 2-Flamer
Marine 3- Plasma pistol and CCW
Marines 4 and 5- Bolt pistols and CCWs

There job is to take out key squads and with the sergeants PF they can also damage some vehicles

Heavy Support

Devastator Squad Firefrenzy
Sergeant- Bolt pistol and CCW
Marines 2 and 3- Lascannons
Marine 4- Plasma Cannon
Marine 5- Missile launcher

This squad is ready for anything from tyranid monstrosetys to ork rabbles

Predator Annihalator
TL Lascannon
Side sponsons lascannons
Extra Armour
Pintle mounted storm Bolter

Well thats my army and yes i have only just painted the drednought (will get a picture up real soon)

and im ready for any remarks just remember the inquisitor knows wear you live....