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    2000pts army list for the sons of the serpant chapter

    Right people i have created a new space marine chapter called the sons of the serpant.

    They were origionally founded by the salamanders and quickly became a strong band of warriors. Shortly after a giant ork invasion their home world was redused to a pile of slag but most of the chapter had been away fighting against the eye of terror. They have now become a ever moving chapter that has not yet returned to full strength with only 6 companies completed they are ever looking for new additions to the chapter. These marines have a never ending hatred for all xenos kind but especially orks. the chapter has a strong belief in the number 5 which explanes the squad sizes.

    bellow is my 2000pts list that i will be taking to a local tournament (will post the outcome of the battle when it is completed.


    Master Commander Asharval Kheng
    Lightning claw
    Storm Bolter
    Terminator honours
    artificer armour

    Command Squad Deathdealers
    Sergeant- TH, PF and Bolt Pistol
    Apothercary- TH and plasma pistol
    Company Standard Bearer- TH and PF
    Company Champion- TH, PW, CS and bolt pistol
    Marine 1- TH, PW and bolt pistol
    Special skill Furious Charge

    TL Lascannon
    extra armour

    This units job is to nutralise the enemy HQ as fast as possible

    Reclusiarch Caleb
    Crozius Arcanum
    Bolt Pistol

    Joins the veteran squad Devastator to use his ability to optimise their killin powrer


    dreadnought Baruch
    TL lascannon
    storm bolter
    extra armour

    Veteran Squad Devastator
    Sergeant- TH, PF and bolt pistol
    Marine 2- Pair of lightning claws
    Marine - Bolt pistol and PW
    Marines 4 and 5- Boltpistol and CCW

    Veteran Squad Fury
    Sergeant- TH Plasma pistol and CCW
    Marine 2- Missile launcher
    Marine 3- flamer
    Marine 4 and 5- Bolters


    Tactical squad Revenge
    Sergeant- TH, PF and plasma pistol
    Marine 2- Multimelta
    Marine 3- Meltagun
    Marines 4 and 5- Bolters

    Tactical Squad Darkstorm
    Sergeant- Bolt Pistol and CCW
    Marine 2- Heavy Bolter
    Marine 3 Plasma gun
    Marines 4 and 5 Bolters

    Tactical Squad Striker
    Sergeant- TH, bolt pistol and PW
    Marine 2- Plasma Cannon
    Marine 3- Plasma gun
    Marines 4 and 5- Bolters

    Each squad is able to take on any opponent

    Scout Squad Sharpshot
    Sergeant- Sniper rifle
    Scout 2- Missile launcher
    Scouts 3,4 and 5- sniper Rifles

    There job is to pin the enemy down so that my assaul squad can close in on their intended target

    Fast Attack

    Assault Squad Quicksilver
    Sergeant- TH, bolt pistol and PF
    Marine 2-Flamer
    Marine 3- Plasma pistol and CCW
    Marines 4 and 5- Bolt pistols and CCWs

    There job is to take out key squads and with the sergeants PF they can also damage some vehicles

    Heavy Support

    Devastator Squad Firefrenzy
    Sergeant- Bolt pistol and CCW
    Marines 2 and 3- Lascannons
    Marine 4- Plasma Cannon
    Marine 5- Missile launcher

    This squad is ready for anything from tyranid monstrosetys to ork rabbles

    Predator Annihalator
    TL Lascannon
    Side sponsons lascannons
    Extra Armour
    Pintle mounted storm Bolter

    Well thats my army and yes i have only just painted the drednought (will get a picture up real soon)

    and im ready for any remarks just remember the inquisitor knows wear you live....

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    Im always 2 steps a head and one step behind you!

    Your mind is a maze and only you have the map. (I lost mine years ago.)

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    Wow 1 week with no complaints my army must realy be that good and it was in a a "friendly" 2000pts game against my friends ork (Just writing the battle)
    Im always 2 steps a head and one step behind you!

    Your mind is a maze and only you have the map. (I lost mine years ago.)

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    alright, heres my 2 cents.

    first, I think you means serpent, not serpant. Snakes are serpents. Perhaps I'm mistaken though, it's your chapter.

    on to the list:

    the commander should have an iron halo. as an independent character, he can be specifically targeted in CC and a 4+ invulnerable save will keep him alive- one power fist attack is all it takes to penetrate his normal armor and instant kill him. Storm Bolters are 2 handed weapons when not in the hands of a terminator, so your commander cant have a lightning claw. The main strength of space marine HQ's is CC ability, so i recommend dropping the storm bolter and giving him a second lightning claw.

    Your fluff explains the squad size of five, but close combat squads really do benefit from full size. in CC, larger squads aren't just better because they're larger, they are also more efficient.

    your dreadnought is equipped with a Tl lascannon and a DCCW, which forces it to be inefficient. It would have the same efficiency in close combat for fewer points without the lascannon and much more power at long range if it had a missile launcher. As it is, you're not getting what you paid for no matter what it does.

    veteran squad devastator suffers extra from its size- you aren't getting what you paid for from your chaplain because his extremely useful ability only benefits five marines. If you're going to spend the points on lightning claws, they aught to all have TH. Lightning claws are expensive; he needs the extra attack to make those points well spent.

    veteran squad fury suffers from the same inneficiency problem as your dreadnought, but in foot soldiers it is more pronounced.1) that missile launcher cannot be fired on the move. that flamer is totally useless unless the squad is on the move.2) the missile launcher has a 48 inch range, if it isn't being used at long range then some of its point cost is put to waste. a flamer template is 8 inches long, so if you're 48 inches away, its points are put to waste. drop the flamer or drop the missile launcher, and if you drop the missile launcher, see about getting a power fist on the sergeant because a squad that intends to put its flamer to use is going to be in close combat soon after.

    tactical squads:

    first: multi meltas are heavy weapons and meltas are 12" assault weapons. The close range anti-tank role is established, but theres a conflict there, making it inefficient.

    second: darkstorm looks fine. its role as anti-personnel shooty works well, and it doesnt have any point sinks that don't do anything.

    third: with a plasma cannon and a plasma gun, you want to keep this squad shooting. with the plasma cannon specifically, you want to keep it standing still. If the squad is standing and shooting, then you don't want to spend points on a power weapon.

    scouts: squad looks fine

    quicksilver: could benefit from 10 man squad size, a lot. looks fine otherwise. I'd recommend getting a HQ with a jump pack to join this squad. a Chaplain is especially nice.

    dev squad: all heavy weapons with a 48 inch range, so theres no conflict there. The variety of weapons keeps it from a defined role but it also helps it deal with anything. If you had more points, then it would benefit you to have multiple dev. squads and focus the weaponry of each of them, but it isn't in need of any help.

    predator: its a predator. enough said.

    the trend here is power but not efficiency. Having your army able to take on many different types of opponents is good, but keep in mind that a single unit can only target a single enemy unit. putting heavy weapons and assault weapons in different squads keeps the ability to handle anything but its also more efficient.

    5 man squads are fine for shooting and allows more special weapons, but five man squads are terrible in close combat. It's much easier to chew through a five man squad and nullify all its shiny weapons, and a dead space marine with a shiny weapon isn't quite as dangerous as a live one. If you like you're fluff then by all means ignore me, but it really is a significant difference.
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