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    Space Bears (Wolves) 1500

    I've been real scatter brained lately and I've actually posted a few other lists in the last few week in an effort to find and army and group that I actually like. This is my attempt at a Space Wolf list for my own subchapter (Space Bears for now.)

    Venerable Dreadnaugh - Extra Armor and Assault Cannon

    Rune Priest - Chooser of the Slain, Power Weapon, Stormbolter, Terminator Armor

    Wolf Scouts - 4 men and meltagun

    Grey Hunter Pack - 6 man, bolters, and plasmagun
    Razorback - TL Lascannon

    Grey Hunter Pack - 6 man, bolters, and plasmagun
    Razorback - TL Lascannon

    Grey Hunter Pack - 10 man, bolters, 2 powerfists, and plasmagun
    Wolf Guard - bolter and powerfist

    Leman Russ Exterminator - 3 heavy bolters and extra armor

    Vindicator - extra armor

    Predator - TL Lascannon, heavy bolter, and extra armor

    I like the feel of the list and, as a tread head, I like amount of armor.

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    I have a few questions before I comment on anything. First off, how do you plan on running the list. As I see it, there are a lot of vehicles (something I usually like) but precious few troops. Space Wolves excel in close combat, yet there are only 27 infantry models in the whole army. Anyway, it all depends on how you plan to run it too, so here is a piece by piece dissection of the list.


    Venerable Dreadnought-
    No problems here this guys as hard as nails.

    Rune Priest-
    Rune priests can be dead nasty, I know I field one, however they really come into their own at the head of a unit as an assault spearhead. With the current kit he'd either be running solo and thus a huge target or leading the 10-man grey hunter pack, in which case he'll likely hit combat fairly late in the game and be mostly unable to benefit from his 2+ save due to the mixed armour rule. I'd try to reconfigure him a bit personally but it's up to you.


    Wolf Scouts-
    God I love these guys, I never grow tired of my foes face as I pop up behind him and blow his support tank/long range infantry to pieces with a well placed scout pack. They're fine as they are but If you can find the points another scout and a few plasma pistols always offer the opportunity for more chaotic diversions.


    Razorback hunters-
    Never been that fond of the razorback personally but I have so little experience with it that I feel I cannot judge the choice effectively, this ones for someone else to cover.

    10-man footslogging hunters
    Ah a unit after my own heart, they pack a punch and are absolutely brilliant at holding objectives. One downside is that they'll be your one infantry unit on the field at the start of the game, so unless they start in cover (or the other packs start unmounted) they'll get shot to pieces by everything the enemy has to offer as long range anti-ifantry weapons. Just something to think about.

    Heavy Support

    Leman Russ exterminator-
    This is really a great tank, I love the damage this thing can dish out at any infantry target. Whole units wiped out every turn with this baby. Course it does have a downside as well. Weighing in at 200 pts is a rather costly machine. I've run one a few times in my list and while it has payed itself back tenfold in some cases it has also failed miserably at other times leaving me with a rather large whole in my line. Ultimately your decision.

    These bad boyz are dead killy but tend to be a massive target to an experienced opponent. Course, with the amount of armour this list is packing it's just another target.

    Predator annihilator-
    I've always been leery of predators, however that is just my opinion and it may be able to support your list fairly well.

    On the whole I usually like to see more infantry in my wolf lists, but like all things in this hobby of ours, the choice is ultimately up to you. I've given you a few pros and cons, try out the list to see if you like it (using proxies hopefully) then ultimately you'll see if thats how you want to run your army. (Keep in mind you could always run an IG armoured company to fulfill your tread-head ambitions.)
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