Drop troops, close order drill, sharpshooters, hardened veterans, iron discipline

Command Squad-
HSO - power weapon, iron discipline
--standard, medic
--x2 plasmaguns
(ap2 shooty command squad)

x3 Lascannons - sharpshooters
x3 Lascannons - sharpshooters
(heres the anti-tank, possibly rerolling lascannon shots is amazing)

(x2) 5 hardened vets - 3 meltaguns
(these guys deepstrike to take out anything nasty; chaos lords, whirlwinds, other bassies, you name it)

8 Hardened Vets -3 plasmaguns, lascannon
(another huge source of ap2 goodness, plus infiltrate lets them get in cover and a good position)

Platoon 1
Jo - power weapon, iron discipline, bolt pistol
x3 Squads - lascannon, vet, plasmagun
(typical las/plas squads)

Platoon 2
Jo - power weapon, iron discipline, bolt pistol
x3 Squads - missile launcher, vet, plasmagun
(same as above but these guys can move without wasting a 25pt weapon)

Platoon 3
Jo - power weapon, iron discipline, bolt pistol
x2 Squads - missile launcher, vet, (1 plasmagun)
(not sure about this platoon, basically same as above)

(x2) Armoured Fist Squads - Vet, Plasmagun, Chimera w/heavy bolters, smoke, extra armour
(the added mobility, these guys take objectives, block LOS, and provide some firepower)

Sentinel - heavy flamer
Sentinel - heavy flamer
(im not sure about these, but theyre gonna deepstrike depending on the army or grab some objectives, for 40pts theyre not bad)

Hellhound - extra armour
(yah, burn em, awesome tank)

Demolisher - heavy bolter, plasma cannons, extra armour
(follows the armoured fist squads for the fire support and scariness)

(x2) Basilisks - indirect, extra armour
(some well needed big guns, everyone fears them so might as well take em)

I still feel like the list is lacking something. It just doesnt seem like enough guardsmen in basic squads. So any advice would be nice.