Just getting back into the hobby after about 2 years, and i am amazed at the changes that have been made...i'm really impressed. Well the divorce has been over now for about 6 months and i'm getting back to basics. My ex trashed my company of Mistwalkers, a chapter i created about 2 years ago. Lol, i'm penniless, but have the fever of playing running thru my blood like madness ha. How i'm going to get this off the ground i have no idea at this time but i've been fervently looking to restart.

The 10th Company of the Chapter of The Silver Tear is a Novice Retinue used to promote those to blooded brothers or leadership into other companies. The list is for 1500 point game, weather its tourney or not. Enjoy...

The Chapter of the Silver Tear

The Silver Tear is a divergent chapter and have 1 trait and 1 drawback…
Traits are as follows…
  • Take the fight to them: any member of a tactical squad that is not a character may exchange his bolter for bolt pistol and close combat weapon.
  • Death before Dishonor: opposing player may have an extra turn on a roll of 4+

The Chapter itself revolves their resolve around the innocent, the youth of mankind. It is here that they understand the most basic purity within the human soul. However, they also know full and well how easily this soul can be corrupted. They themselves for the most part have a world for which they live on and recruit from for the most part. The telepathic elements however are supplied from other parts of the galaxy due to the very nature of their rarity. These individuals usually come in the form of the attached leadership elements of the companies Xenos, Demon Hunters, and Witch Hunter Cadres. Supplied to them by the Emperium.

The 10th Company – Novice Retinue
  • The 10th company is comprised of a bulk of 60 scouts who may infiltrate if needed and carry certain mixtures of small arms and heavy weapons.
  • 40 troops are marines in ceramic armors. These marines, however, have the ability to carry heavier weapons but at a much greater point cost.
  • Scout squads should carry a mixture of weapons, from bolter to, bolt pistol and close combat weapon, as well as a shotgun. This mixture should allow them to have the ability to have a multipurpose, as well as the ability to infiltrate if the mission permits.
  • The 40 marines in heavy armor can be used to take positions while the scouts maintain a combat presence and invoking the enemy to shoot on them. Those scouts that live through the engagement would be considered blooded.
  • The commander would have very little in the way of special weapons. The company should have a standard bearer however.
  • Captains that come to lead this company are assigned here to lead as an example to the novices, and prove their worth to the higher rank leaders that they are ready for leadership in other companies.
The blooded marines that support this company come here to show as an example the way of the Silver Tear, and to via for a chance to lead the tenth company.

Color Markings of the 10th Company
  • Scouts have the Grey shoulder pad, however their opposing shoulder has a different color representing the squad. (I.e. Red squad, Green squad).
  • Scout cloaks are the chapter Grey, and all cloth is black.
  • Scout armor is Grey.
  • Marines in ceramic armors have chapter Grey. One shoulder pad is of the chapter marking. The other arm and shoulder pad entirely is unique to each squad bearing the squad crest and colors, and can be very ornate indeed.
  • This company bears no standard, as it is the Novice Retinue of the chapter.
  • Standard marines in ceramic armors have Grey helmet, and sergeant helmets are yellow.
  • The captain’s helmet if worn is white. The captain’s helmet could also be slung on his belt.
Command squad helmets are of a different color to be determined as well. The command squad uses the same arm markings as other squads.

6x scout squads -- 2 squads get 4x sniper rifles and 6x bolters. The other 4 squads have a mix of bolter, bolt pistol/close combat weapon, and shotgun
3x assult squads -- no jet packs, 5 men per squad and melta bombs.
3x devestator squads -- 5 men per squad, no heavy weapons.
1x captain with storm bolter and a 9 man retinue with bolters.