Ok so yesterday after getting bored at work I took my current 2000 point Salamander list and decided to give it a heavy termi / land raider feel, with this being my first w40K army am I going to get slaughtered with this? While I think it will look cool is having two land raiders and two termi squads too little for too many points?

Space Marine Captain Samandarun
Power Sword, Plasma Pistol, Iron Halo 115

Chaplain Lucidius Swift
Master of Sanctity Chaplain, with jump pack 120

Tactical Squad Proteidae
2 Space Marines with Bolt Guns
2 Space Marine with Melta Gun
Sergeant with Terminator Honors and Power Fist 135

Tactical Squad Triturus
1 Sergeant with terminator honors and chain sword,
1 space marine with missile launcher,
1 space marine with flamer,
7 space marines with bolters 166

Tactical Squad Ozark Hellbender
6 Space Marines with Bolt Guns
2 Space Marine with Plasma Gun
Sergeant with Terminator Honors and Storm Bolter 175
Rhino Extra Armor 55

Assault Squad Plethodon
1 Sergeant with terminator honors,
1 Space Marine with Flamer,
1 Space Marine with Plasma Pistol,
2 Space Marines 135

Terminator Squad Torrent
1 Sergeant with combi Flamer,
2 Terminator with Heavy Flamer,
2 Terminators, 230
Land Raider 250

Terminator Assault Squad Siren lacertina
1 Sergeant with Thunder Hammer, Storm Shield and Adamantine Mantle,
4 Terminators with thunder hammers and storm shields 235
Land Raider Crusader 265

Venerable Dreadnought assault cannon and powerfist (plasma cannon) 125