[2250] - Space Marines - First Tourney - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    [2250] - Space Marines - First Tourney

    I've been playing Marines for a couple years now but I have never been to a tournament before. This was the lis I was going with but I am open to suggestions.

    Minor Divergence: Heed the Wisdom of the Ancients and We Stand Alone


    Chaplain (MOS) 115pt
    Plasma p

    Reclusiam CS 205pt
    Company Champ
    Std Bearer
    Holy Relic
    Vet Sarge
    Bolt P
    Power Fist
    Marine x 4 w/ BP, CCW

    Rhino 50 pt


    Vets x 5 190pt
    Sarge w/ TH Power Fist
    Lightning c
    TH x 4

    Razorback 70 pt
    H Bolter

    Dreadnought 130 pt
    Venerable Assault cannon Storm bolter
    extra armor

    Termies x 6 260pt (teleport)
    Assault cannon


    Tactical Squad 9x4 640pt

    2 w/ rocket + plasma r
    1 w/ Heavy Bolter + sgt w/ TH and PW
    1 w/ plasma + lascannon

    Scouts x 6 (Support) 113 pt
    Sniper x 5

    Scouts x 6 (cc) 113 pt
    Sarge w/ TH, Teleport Homer, Plasma pistol, and auspex
    BP + CCW x 5

    Heavy Support

    Dreadnought 140 pt
    Twin Lascannon Missile Launcher
    extra armour

    Predator Destructor 120 pt
    h bolter autocannon pintle storm bolter

    Devastator Squad x 5 155 pt
    4 x Rocket

    So wadda ya think? Honest crits please. (still a little extra points for some equipment)
    some minor updates, my main problem is resources, i need to get some more marines.

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    The chaplain doesn't need purity seals since he never falls back

    For the tact squads, I would suggest the classic las/plas combo
    Or, you could give 2 squads las/plas and the other hvy bolter or plasma cannon/plas

    I recommend extra armor on the dreads

    The support scouts should replace the bolters with sniper rifles. For the cc scouts, I'd suggest to either give them bolters instead, or drop the hvy bolter; the pistol/ccw and hvy bolter don't really complement each other.

    IMO, the terminator honors on the command and vet squads can be useful, but I generally find it too expensive.

    For the termis, I'd add in a second assault cannon

    Overall, I find this list lacking in anti armor capability, particularly AV14. Also, both the command and vet squads chew up quite a bit of points.

    ALso, don't forget to add furious charge on the vets, otherwise you're wasting the ablility.
    If you find yourself in need of points, then I suggest dropping the razorback, and switching furious charge for infiltrate
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