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    2000 friendly army

    I have never played a Witch Hunters army before. I have been using Eldar for the last 6 years, but something about the look and style of the Witch Hunters has been driving me crazy. So I finally relented and grabbed a Codex and took a stab at an army. My friend said this is a good site to get some advice for army lists, so i figured might as well get some input for my army idea.

    HQ -

    Canoness, inferno pistol, blessed weapon, book, cloak
    Celestian retinue x7, flamer, heavy flamer, Vet Superior, plasma pistol, eviscerator
    Priest, power armor, plasma pistol, eviscerator
    Transport - Rhino, extra armor, smoke

    Heavy -

    Penitant engine x3 (240)

    Exorcist, extra armor (140)

    Ret squad x5, heavy bolters x4, Vet Superior, book, auspex
    Transport - Immolator, extra armor

    Fast -

    Seraphim x8, 2x flamers, Vet Superior, book (205)

    Elite -

    Callidus (120)

    Arco-Flagellants x3 (105)

    Arco-Flagellants x3 (105)

    Troops -

    Battle sister Squad x9, flamer, heavy flamer, Vet Superior, book
    Transport - rhino, extra armor, smoke

    Battle Sister Squad x10, Vet Superior, book, auspex (131)

    Battle Sister Squad x10, Vet Superior, book, auspex (131)

    Total Points - 1999

    My idea was to use the 3 transport vehicles to shield the engines and arco-flag's. I was going to have the 2 squads of Sisters on foot shield the side of my exorcist, and combined with the ret squad I should be able to gank any squad of infiltrators that drop. 2 of our friend group play nids, and a genestealer squad in your face turn one hurts. I tried to spread my anti-tank over a few areas with the HQ evis's, engines, and exorcist. I also tried to offer up to many choices for my opponent to chose from on turn one.

    Anyway as I mentioned this is my first shot at the army and I am sure I made alot of mistakes. Any helpful advice would be great before I go grab up all the models and find I got some I did not need.

    Thanks all! =)

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    Battle sister Squad x9, flamer, heavy flamer, Vet Superior, book
    Transport - rhino, extra armor, smoke
    Vet included are there only a total of nine sisters in this squad?
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    You need an inquisitor to field a Callidus.

    As Path of Skulls pointed out, there's only 9 sisters in that rhino squad. You need 10.

    This list could use some more anti tank.
    -I suggest trying to fit another exorcist in. Two exorcists are preferable because it sucks when your single exorcist rolls 1's for its shot number.
    -The problem with using the canoness group for anti tank is because then the flamers will be wasted. Eviscerators are capable, but not particularly good for tank hunting when given to foot slogging units. This is because most vehicles will be able to back up a little so they stay out of the eviserator charge range, while still being able to shoot at the squad.
    -P. engines are way too unreliable to be anti tank units since you can't control where they move and what they attack. If they do manage to shred the intended tank, then great, but don't expect that to happen often.
    -It wouldn't hurt to incorporate meltaguns somewhere.
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