Ok new try at a list, give comments!

2000pt Imperial Fist

4 Termy Command Squad – 2 Assault Cannons, teleport homer, Drop Pod

5 Termy Squad – 2 Assault Cannons
5 Grey Knight Terminators – Psychic Hood
Dreadnought – armor, smoke, assault cannon, dccw, Drop Pod

5 Man Tac – Missile Launcher
Razorback – TLLC, extra armor
5 Man Tac – Missile Launcher
Razorback – TLLC, extra armor

Fast Attack:
6 Grey Knights – Incinerator

Heavy Support:
Land Raider Crusader – smoke
Vindicator – extra armor, smoke
Vindicator – extra armor, smoke

Lysander will drop in and the rest of the termies will drop in around him all firing with their assault cannons / storm bolters. The dreadnought will drop in as soon as it can to help support the terminators wherever they're at on the board. The two tac squads are purely for anti armor and hopefully will be able to take out most of it at long range. The Grey Knights role depends on the army im fighting, they will either ride in the crusader, or they will teleport in with the terminators when they can. The Crusader and Vindicators will be there to hold the fort down until the termies drop hopefully killing off a lot in the process.

The thing is I don't really have a squad really ment for the crusader (I already bought it) I was thinking about dropping a vindicator and the grey knights to maybe field some assault terminators or another squad of regular terminators.

Anyway, give me some comments! Thanks.