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    [1500] Marine (Maybe GT)

    Hey, I plan on using this army as part of something much larger (ie the marine battle company) so ideally I want to kit out squads which will be useful in both games of this size and larger Apoc scale games, so heres the list:

    Command Squad (Apoth, Standard, Champ, sarg and std marine) - 254pts

    Tac Squad A: 10 marines (Plasma Gun, Frag, Cntr Atk + TrueGrit)
    Sarg w/ Termie Hons
    Rhino (Extra Armour)

    Tac Squad B: 10 Marines (Missile, Frag, Cntr Atk + TrueGrit)
    Sarg w/ Termie Hons


    Fast Attack:

    Assualt Squad: 10 Marines (Melta Bomb)
    Sarg w/ Termie Hons

    255 Pts

    Heavy Support:

    Devestator Squad: 10 Marines (4LasCannon)
    Sarg w/Termie Hons

    305 Pts
    Vindicator (ExtraArmour, DozerBlade)

    135 Pts

    Traits: Trust Your Battle Brothers
    Death Before Dishonour

    Thanks for any pointers or pointing out any glaring ommissions.

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    Hi there,

    I will give my advice disregarding any fluff issues. If you made your choices for fluff reasons then let them just override my arguments, if you want.

    I think your HQ is not an optimal choice for a close combat HQ. I would take a chaplain, but if you want the commanders Ld-bonus just leave it at that. His squad desperately needs more meat shields though, otherwise as soon as the second model dies you will need to start removing important (and expensive) ones. I would also just drop the standard bearer, because Codex: Space Marine standards are not really very promising for their points. Make your sergeant a veteran and kit him out!

    Your tactical squads have rhinos. So they will be delivered right before the enemy lines. There you'll have to decide whether to shoot or assault. Since you have paid for a non-assault special weapon and true grit and counterattack you will probably want to stand back and shoot and wait to be assaulted. I don't think the frags are necessary. But keep them, if you like.
    Your sergeant, already being a veteran, should get some special equipment, though! A powerfist will boost the squads efficiency pricelessly! Also you should consider smoke launchers on that rhino (and extra armor on the one that doesn't already have it).

    Your assault squad veteran sergeant should very, very definitely get a powerfist! It pays, believe me! Instead of the melta bombs I would consider adding two plasma pistols. Those and the powerfist will be anti-tank enough in the majority of cases. Of course you may - to be very sure - keep the melta bombs, if you so desire.

    Your devastators' lascannons are very expensive. A missile launcher squad would probably do the job too, and save you four marines worth in points.
    You've not given your veteran sergeant any special equipment, so you only paid the points for an extra attack in close combat with a profane weapon. I don't think that's worth it in a squad you will have to dearly protect from close combat anyhow!

    For 1,500 you have quite a small amount of squads, because you made the ones you do have so very expensive. I would definitely add powerfists and more models in the command squad.
    To pay for it I would drop the terminator honors on the devastator sergeant, the melta bombs on the assault marines, the frag grenades on the tactical squads, the standard bearer in the command squad, change the master to a reclusiarch and maybe drop some models in the devastators, tactical and assault squads (squads of 8 would be fine too). That would free the points for the powerfists and command marines, but also for the extra armor, smoke launchers and some extra units your army will greatly benefit from.
    Hope that's been some inspiration at least! Good luck with the tweaking, and have fun gaming!


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