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    Junior Member nookkin's Avatar
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    (1000) cadia 8th finest infantry

    hey guys! thanks for comin on this thread.. hope you can help me, its my first IG army list in about 3 years so i'm basically new! This is a very infantry based list so.. you know! dont complain about not enough tanks! hehe.
    well heres the list..

    the finest's first command
    senior officer
    standard bearer
    master vox
    guardsman with meltagun
    1 commissar w power fist
    support- 2 cadian snipers and 4 ordinary guardsmen
    Storm trooper squad-alpha
    9 storm troopers w flamer, grenade launcher
    1 storm trooper veteran seargant with carapace armour
    the cadia 8th's finest mechanical works
    1 techpriest enginseer with honorifica imperialisis and carapace armour
    infantry platoon-beta
    9 guardsmen 1 flamer 1 grenade launcher 1 vox caster
    1 veteran serg. with carapace armour
    9 guardsmen 1 flamer 1 grenade launcher 1 vox caster
    1 serg.
    hq 1 junior officor
    4 guardsmen 2 with flamers and 2 with grenade launchers
    Heavy support
    Leman Russ Battle tank with lasconnon and a pair of heavy bolters
    Leman Russ Battle tank with lascannon and a pair of heavy flamers

    total points-----..|992|..

    sooo it is any good?
    is there any rules broken?
    please help i have a massive apocolypse game comin up and i am a small regiment in it.. thanks!

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    You are in need of a 2nd Troop choice

    Shaabhekh :happy:
    In the name of the Emperor and for the Glory of the Imperium... Gimme Back My Girlfriend! :(

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    Junior Member rat026's Avatar
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    apart from the troop choice, u are only allowed 1 special weapon per squad. also, I would hesitate to use grenade launchers and flamers in the same squad as i find these do not work well together. other than that a decent list, but PLEASE dont paint it like the cadian 8th, as I am getting really sick of seing nothing but this scheme in guard armies.
    Apocalypse. A chance to make an army entirely out of grots, dressed as oompa loompas.

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    Get more stuff

    it good but u need to drop the cadian snipers there useless
    use the spare points to buy sharp shooters for your troops or cut down on a tank and get some anti-tank support for your HQ and use any spare points toward another Guardsman Squad other that that its good.

    Tnx Imperial marine8X :happy: 8X

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    Mr Commisar to you Commisarlestat's Avatar
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    332 (x8)

    The most important point has been covered which is that you only have a single troops choice and you need two. There are ways around this which I will come to.

    The senior officer tends to be an underused option. he is ok for 1000 points and below but if you make a larger army then a herioc senior officer (or JO with HI) is prefereable. As oyu have the commisar with the squad you may be able to get away with this.
    Voxes can be ok but again they arent the greatest of options, as you look like you have a gunline list for the most part perhaps think of capitalising on the leadership bubbles instead of spending the points on a vox network which wont use the commisars leadership.
    The set up of this squad is a little odd. The commisar has a powerfist yet the squad isn't set up for combat (unlike marines IG powerfists arent good against tanks for their price) allied to this you have given the squad a melta which may not be used to full effect. The basic set up of this squad seems to be leadership so perhaps change the powerfist to a powersword and swap the melta out for a plasma. That way you have greater range and dont have an expensive weapon sitting aorund for most of the game!

    The snipers can be fun however ratlings are the best way to get sniper rifles. I have used snipers in various different parts of my army and have found that they can be useful. What I would suggest is to get the squad the third sniper rifle to make it that little bit more potent.

    The storm trooper squad is a nice addition however it also suffers from a few effeciency problems. generally mixing special weapons up is considered a bad idea. (I know thats how GW sell them which is very annoying grrr.) Using two plasma in this squad is best but two grenade launchers can also be a cheaper and still very effective option. flmaers are generally reserved for command squads as the extra BS of a stormtrooper can be put to better effect on other weapons.
    To make your army legal consider putting this squad into the troops section as a grenadier squad. However this can cause another problem with mobility. As the squad is set up with no manouverability this may not be so bad ie using them as platoon support is a little used but viable option.
    The techpriest on hos own is an expensive addition. They can work but at this level there are other things which the points can be better spent on such as the start of a small vet squad.

    The squad sin your platoon are illegal. the squads can only take a single special and a singel heavy weapon not two of either. I suggest you drop the flamers as they are not as effective when use din larger platoon squads. The addition fo heavy weapons such as heavy bolters may add some extra punch to the platoon and give you a more solid firebase.
    The platoon command woudl benefit from my previous advice on mixing weapons. It is also quite good to leave one man without a special weapon who woudl then become the first casualty as you close with thte enemy.

    Heavy support.
    The russes are a viable set up. Their lascannons are also the only anti tank that you have in your whole army (apart from the melta in the command squad). The triple heavy bolter setup is a good and cheaper option. It allows more manouevering, however this would lose you your only real anti tank and may not be such a good option in 5th edition! Something which shoudl be rethought is the combination of the flamers and lascannon. a hull heavy bolter woudl complement this set up a lot better.

    Overall there are a few changes needed to make the list legal. The lists individual choices seem fairly solid however they could be improved. The main weakness I can see is a lack of anti tank perhaps consider missile launchers in the platoon for a balanced anti tank option that won't dent your anti infantry firepower too badly.

    Hope that helps


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